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Updated on September 8, 2009

Got on the road heading to work pretty early today not in a rush but it seemed that way. As the cars drive around me so slowly as if they are tourist here to sightsee the surroundings the irritation begins to rise within me. Road rage is just one of the diseases that affect many drivers. Driving just a few miles over the speed limit but moving along to the speed of traffic a car jumps out in front of me and squeezes into a space not intended for another vehicle only to adhere to traffic guidelines where we should keep at least a car length space between us and the other driver. My irritation has turned into rage but it subsides as the traffic flows past the green light and the same car that whipped out in front of me now whips back out of the lane and into the same lane she was originally in? Turning off the ramp I notice that the same car now whips back into this lane before the exit cuts off, what the heck is going through this driver’s mind? Who knows but the way some of these people drive you would be amazed but I am pretty sure all of us has experienced what happened at least more than once during their driving experiences. Now on I-95 the cars are driving at a good speed it shows that most of them are confused with the new ramp exiting from I-10 huge white and black wording stating I-95 two lanes a couple of cars slow down and you can tell from the looks on the driver’s faces that they are puzzled as their cars slow to a halt and they stay in the new median on the expressway as their blinkers begin to blink to move into the traffic heading the opposite direction towards downtown instead of the beaches and Southside. Frustrating it is, assuming this isn’t the first time they have come this way and then it again maybe everyday is like a new day to them can you say short term memory loss? Glancing at the clock on my dashboard, good timing should arrive to work pretty early than the usual 2 minute late log in. Giving me a good 10-15 minutes to an early arrival then it happens, a slow driver with 5 empty car spaces in front of her. All I can see is her big weave ponytail and the sun’s reflection off of her glasses. The cars are coming in pretty fast I want to get over and decide what the heck I am getting off on the next exit anyway. To my surprise the driver cuts into the left lane, which is the fast lane was there another car in front of her going just as slow? No it was just her, laughing to myself I zip past her and then I get caught in the middle of another slow down where the leading vehicle resembles a chicken run truck-go figure. With knowing that I would be getting to work nearly 15 minutes early I still found myself wanting to speed and get from behind slow drivers. In life do we tend to want to zip through? Are we that impatient that we don’t take the time to slow down and appreciate the fact that there’s no need to rush? A question comes to mind that if we are in such a rush while driving on the road do we try to rush through everything else in our life such our work, our family time, and just life in general. When we slow down we can see a lot of what is going on around us more clearly. Our world revolves around the people that make up this world and the contributions we all put in to make this world a great place to live, work, eat and play. Let’s slow down, and enjoy our environment without going through the day rushing the time we do have which is not promised to us tomorrow.



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