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Updated on May 12, 2012

Ever wished to have a robot as a pet? I believe most of the people reading this would have dreamt of owning one for themselves, right? I believe time has come. In this 21st century where the technologies have reached in quite a high knot where even that is possible. The Robot that have started changing our lives are not humanoids, but robots that do mundane work which you will rather not do yourself.

Cleaning robots

The most common domestic Robot these days are those that clean your home without the help of its owner. LG home robot can take care of all the dirty jobs like cleaning your home or office, like a to-do list, we can even set a predefined timetable for them. Its is like a silent assassin , so quite that if you are not careful you might trip over the robot as it scoots around the home cleaning home, cleaning spots it had missed in an earlier sortie. But don’t worry as that is quite unlikely to happen as it has cameras that give a comprehensive visual data which is updated 50 times a second to know where it is in the room and which all areas have not yet been cleaned. You can even program the robot to do the work while you are away. It cleans non stop for hours, these robots gently scrub, clean and disinfect your floors, carpets, rugs and durries, all on their own . to top it all they even find their way back to its charging station .so bring home these Robot and say goodbye to vaccum cleaners , dry mobs and maids.


Silverlit robort

Artificial Intelligence has reached Earth with the new high-tech robot series by Silverlit. Once you assemble this silver lit robot, it can go after a ball and kick it, walk around a room without bumping into obstacles and even hold objects. It even alerts it guardian when a new person enters a room etc



A humanoid robot or an anthropomorphic robot is a robot with its overall appearance, based on that of the human, allowing interaction with made-for-human tools or environments.The 3HV tries to imitate human movements and has versatile controls that let it do a lot of things toy roborts cant, like object recognition. It can also act as a security guard by beaming what it sees over a wi-fi internet connection.


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