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Baby Bella Car Seat Covers

Updated on August 1, 2015

Cheap Car Set Covers and Coupon Code

I have looked for a way to recycle my car seats that is cheap, affordable, and unique at the same time. A lot of people just throw away their car seats, but I have found a cheap and really cute way to jazz them up. Even if you have a new car seat the Baby Bella Maya car seat covers are absolutely adorable !

They are less than half the price of a (cheap) new car seat. Also, if you order one they are offering a 10 percent off coupon with code BT011. They make the car seats extremely comfortable as well. They are very padded and convenient because if your baby has a leaky diaper or spits up on it, you can just throw it in the washing machine.

They retain there shape and colors extremely well after being washed. The colors don't fade even after multiple washings.

Be Green With Baby Bella Maya Car Seat Covers

The Baby Bella Maya car seat covers are a fabulous way to help the environment as well and be green. Even if you don't have a car seat you can get one cheap at a thrift store, goodwill, yard sale, or if someone gives you one. It saves a car seat from going into a land fill and saves you potentially hundreds of dollars. 

Be The Envy Of Your Friends By Using Baby Bella Maya

If nothing else, it's just a really neat and unique idea. You'll definitely be the talk of your other friends when they see your baby sitting in one of the Baby Bella Maya seat covers. 

Little Boy Blue Baby Bella Maya Car Seat Cover

Have Fun Being A Mom

There's so much stress associated with being a Mom. Don't forget to take time for yourself and just have fun. There's absolutely nothing wrong with needing a little me time. It's a necessary when you're a new Mom. Don't forget to make time for your significant other as well. It's just as stressful as a time for them as well and it's easy to forget that sometimes. 

Zebra Bella Maya Car Seat Cover


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