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Speeding Ticket Nazi

Updated on April 29, 2014

I have another fine story about speeding tickets from Milla Mahno - this girl just seem to love that kind of stuff :)

Traffic violation, ugh! That is the last thing I want to deal with these days. It's 8:30am, you're headed to work, and things are operating smoothly. Traffic is flowing as it routinely does and you get pulled over. Officer says you were in violation of some stupid penal code; you habitually roll your eyes thinking he is a Ticket Nazi and how can I persuade him that I wasn't speeding?

So, I am a mother. I got a mortgage that is overdue, dinner on my mind and health insurance to pay for. I cannot handle another traffic ticket. I have been down that winding road before and it gets expensive. So you overtly surrender your license, registration and insurance card. He lollygags back to his car to check your driving record and meanders back to present you a speeding fine.

So I barter with the Ticket Nazi, "Please, is there any possibility you can just offer me a verbal warning instead?" He looks at me as though he understands my turmoil; nonetheless he gives me a speeding ticket anyway. Then I get back on the road praying I don't ignorantly mess up again and get myself more traffic tickets.

How do I get pulled over in a Chevy Astro van? I know it is not that pretty but golly, it aint that bad! I wasn't driving like some out of control maniac or trying to set a new record. I just happened to cross paths with a ticket bully and I cannot afford it.

As if overlooking my car payment wasn't enough, tossing in speeding fines to my ever growing pile of debt was enough to make me want to seek a way of getting out of it. The only question left was which way would be the best way to go about it? So I headed to the study room to do some research. In today's information age I held there had to be a loophole in the law somewhere.

So I am thumbing through some book that guarantees you will find ways to beat traffic tickets when I see that this anthology piece of literature was written for ticket citations that happened in the state of Arkansas. Seriously, to top that off the law concordances were another blunder because they are written in hieroglyphs which didn't make a lick of sense to me. Now I figured it was time to resign because the search seemed inconclusive.

Pretty much crying my eyes out, some man tells me to try this publication that he found on the web because it worked for him. So I think I will give it a try. I could feel something I hadn't felt in years as I came upon the site because it was simple and chalked full of relevant information.

I did indeed use it; but I still had to pay a fraction of the ticket. It would seem I did some things wrong when I was stopped that day that cost me the eradication but most of it had to do with a laser, radar detectors or in other words evidence.

Don't get me wrong, the next time I got pulled over I did use it and I swear by it. I didn't even need to go to court! Muhahahaha...Those ticket tyrants should think twice before stopping this mom. They can harass me till they retire for all I care but all they are doing is wasting my time which, by the way, still irritates me off.


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