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Should I Buy Santro eRlx XL or New Wagon R 2011

Updated on January 30, 2012
Wagonr LXi versus Santro eRlx XL
Wagonr LXi versus Santro eRlx XL

Hi confused_girl, so you are confused between buying Santro eRlx XL or New Wagon R 2011. Don’t worry, I will tell you what to do and then you can decide which car you can buy. According to me, the comfort of driving a WagonR is always better than a Santro. I have got both cars in my building where I live and I have driven both many times, so I will suggest you to go for a Wagon R. Also, Wagon R is best because its engine is a gem. Its performance is very good and its resale value never comes down. You know the service network of Maruti in India, no need to mention details. Maruti spares are available everywhere in India, so east or west, Wagon R is the best because Wagon R is true value for money.

Also, if you can get performance of Santro at much much reasonable cost with lowest maintenance, will you go for a Santro?

The new improved Wagonr gives everything that a Santro offers at 1/3rd of maintenance cost. Moreover, everyone knows that Maruti has a world class service, so WagonR is the best choice, but rather than going for LXi as mentioned by you in the question, I would suggest you to go for New Wagon R VXi 2011 model. The price difference is not more than 30-35 K and you get many more things that are good in this car like Automated ORVM (Outside Rear View Mirror), day/night center mirror, central locking, defogger, etc. New Wagon R is much more broader car than the previous model.

In addition to this, WagonR has many more advantages over Santro like more boot space than Santro, better air-conditioning, and most important cheap spare parts, and any mechanic can repair it if required.

Here are some more tips on WagonR and Santro:

New Wagon R 2011

  1. Looks and appearance: Very good.
  2. Pickup: Immediate very good.
  3. Riding Comfort: Really good.
  4. Legroom: Driver's seat ample, rear legroom, very good
  5. Suspension: Very good
  6. Gearshift: Excelllent.
  7. Much more broad and wider than previous models of Wagon R.


Looks and appearance: Okay

Response less than Wagon-R.

Riding Comfort: Good

Legroom: Driver's good and at rear is also good

Suspension: Good

Gearshift: Good

Which one you will buy? Wagonr LXi = more space, better service, cheap spars versus Santro eRlx XL = zip drive
Which one you will buy? Wagonr LXi = more space, better service, cheap spars versus Santro eRlx XL = zip drive

Also, as you are a girl WagonR is best for you to drive as it will give enough security while driving. One more thing to add and it is that if you are looking for buying a used car or second hand car, then also go for WagonR and not for Santro. I know a second hand Santro will come cheaper than a WagonR but WagonR will remain cheaper in the long run. Also one more tip for used car buyers. If you are buying a Maruti car, buy a car from Maruti True Value and you will get the best used car plus they will also give some free services which you will not get from outside. One of my friend, named Vishwas, has bought a light blue color WagonR from Maruti True Value and he is a happy man now.

But I want to be unbiased over here. I have told above that everything about the WagonR is very good including space, cost of spares, driving position, boot space, more features like electronic ORVM, wide tyres, automatic doors locking after 20 Kmph (in VXI models), fog lights, defogger, etc. but one thing that sucks in a WagonR is the handling. If you will drive, you will get to know that understeering is a kind of annoying with WagonR which is not the case with Santro. Santro is a zip drive really but that's a small price to pay and if you are looking for mainly city driving, go for the WagonR hands down.

Which used car should confused_girl buy? Budget max 2.5 lacs

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    • profile image

      tej 5 years ago

      santro for class /wagon r for mass!! hope u get d message

    • profile image

      Vipin 5 years ago

      I brought a new wagon r vxi model..

      Its very comfortable to ride and travel and also have good power...

    • profile image

      jai 5 years ago

      d one segment above the Santro. Wagon R is now in the B segment along with Ritz

    • profile image

      Ranjith 6 years ago

      Wagon R is now placed one segment above the Santro. Wagon R is now in the B segment along with Ritz, Swift, etc. But Santro has now been moved to the A segment, ie Alto, Spark, etc

    • profile image

      Rohit 6 years ago

      Wagon R VXi. The above mentioned features are value for money by just paying Rs 30000

    • profile image

      Rajdip hazarika 6 years ago

      Which one is best?alto k10 vxi or wagonr lxi