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Buying Best Car in 10 Lakhs - Compared VW Vento vs Hyundai Verna vs Fiat Linea

Updated on June 28, 2011

VW Vento

Positives: The best all-round package here with quality interiors, second best interior space, second best handling, best motor with the best drivability, good safety features and a premium brand logo to boast of. It may be slower in a straight-line than the Hyundai Verna but it has a better drivable range as it has less turbo lag and also has much better chassis to support the power. Solidly built and feels tough.

Negatives: While having a positive like VW brand, it’s the same has negatives too, as Volkswagens are not cheap to buy, service or repair. From the front view, you cannot tell whether a Polo or Vento is approaching you and that robs it off from some premium feel as a person driving a base Polo at 4.5 lakhs will have the same front look as the top spec Vento with a price tag of 10 lakhs. No exclusivity. Here Honda is the one as inspiration as despite sharing the same platform, Honda City and Honda Jazz do not share even a single body panel and both have their own identities.

Volkswagen Vento Pics - Front
Volkswagen Vento Pics - Front | Source
Hyundai Verna Transform - Electric blue
Hyundai Verna Transform - Electric blue

Hyundai Verna

Positives: A stonking motor with best in class power, second largest service network after Maruti India with the cheapest cost of ownership, both in purchase, service, and repair. Verna has the most pleasing interior. Verna has good discount going on to make it a tempting deal further. Best in class resale value help the deal get sweeter further.

Negatives: While interiors look very pleasing, they don't spell quality fit and finish. The engine has the maximum turbo lag and only fit for Highway stint. The chassis is even dull and does not feel confident enough to handle the power of diesel unit. Rolls a lot. No airbags even as option. Not the best build quality.

Review of Fiat Linea with smooth engine in 7 lakhs INR
Review of Fiat Linea with smooth engine in 7 lakhs INR | Source

Fiat Linea

Positives: Well, takes effort to find the positives. Engine, the best in class from Fiat which has won many best engine of the year awards in various countries. Looks a class bigger than its rivals. Linea has all the bells and whistles when it comes to safety. Solidly built and has one of the best chassis in class. Handles like a dream. Has the best ride and handling package.

Negatives: Fiat brand first of all is the negative aspect. Poor service support, expensive spares (that too not easily available), resale value nothing to write home about, engine is not powerful enough to complement the able chassis. Though refined and smoothest, Linea’s engine is best for a hatchback, a sedan needs a bigger or better-tuned more powerful engine. Compared to the exterior dimensions, interior is not as spacious as rivals. In fact the most cramped here. Plastic quality, interior fit and finish compete only with Hyundai Verna, VW Vento takes away the crown here.

Overall, the Volkswagen Vento strikes the most positives in my opinion and is the best car to buy in 10 Lakhs price tag.

Volkswagen VW Vento Dashboard steering, stereo display
Volkswagen VW Vento Dashboard steering, stereo display
Hyundai Verna Transform Dashboard steering, stereo display
Hyundai Verna Transform Dashboard steering, stereo display


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