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Buying Tires Online - Understanding Tires

Updated on March 14, 2011

Friends, this week we will talk about tires, an integral part of automobiles. Tires are the sole point of contact between road and automobiles and also the sole point of moving or stopping the automobiles, so they are the most important factor while buying cars, bikes, four wheelers, SUVs, buses, or trucks, but most often people neglect this aspect. Most people go with factory fitted tires or even if they upgrade, they feel that fitting a wider rubber will do wonders for them, but both things are wrong because putting a wider rubber will definitely increase the road holding and grip compared to stock tire but if you need really good grip, you need to invest more and get a good set of branded tires like Michelin Bridgestone, or Goodyear tires. Though you can buy tires from local shops selling these brands in your area but if you want to buy tires online for cars, bikes, two wheelers, or trucks you need to look at the below mentioned factors and understand tires.

Basic parts of tubeless radial tires - A tire is made of several critical components which are:

Carcass Ply

It is made up of thin textile fiber cables bonded into the base rubber. The quality of these cables decides the basic strength of the tire.

Top 5 Brands of Tires

Buying Michelin tires online
Buying Michelin tires online

Airtight Rubber

Formulated virtually impermeable Butyl rubber, this material replaces the inner tube in today’s latest tubeless tires.


It is this part at the bottom of the tire which clamps the tire against rim firmly.

Crown Plies

Crown plies are made up of rigid materials to provide a rigid base for the tread pattern. The plies also provide centrifugal and lateral rigidity to tires.


Sidewall basically protects the tires from stones, curbs, etc. It is also the source of info about the tire like the speed rating, size, width, profile, details of manufacture, etc.


Tread is made of various grooves designed differently (symmetrical, asymmetrical, V grooves) and provides traction in a variety of conditions. It also resists wear and heat to the tires.

It is important to understand tires and then buy them whether through online shopping sites like Ebay or Amazon or from local tire shops in your area. I will write about types of tires, their specifications, details, and famous brands of tires in the upcoming articles.

Best of luck for buying your first tire online.


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