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car battery charger info

Updated on September 12, 2012

When your car won’t start it can mean many things and a mechanic would probably be the best person to determine what is wrong, when your car won’t even turn over on the other hand it is almost always one thing, and the good news is that the solution for this problem is fairly simple. If you find yourself turning the keys in the ignition of your car but you can’t hear the normal sound of your starter motor trying to kick the engine into life then most likely the problem is that your battery is dead, long term this means that you will have to buy or borrow a car battery charger but in the short term in means that you are either going to have to crash start your car or jump start the car with the help of another car and some jumper leads.

Jump starting your car isn’t dangerous provided that you hook the leads up the correct way, which is positive to positive, negative to negative. Once you have connected your car battery to someone else via jumper cords you can start trying to jump start your car. When jumper leads are connected between 2 cars, one car is effectively borrowing the other cars power so it is good for the helping car to have their engine running during the process so that the borrowed power can be replenished. The other way of starting your car with a flat battery that I mentioned earlier is by crash starting it. To crash start a car, it’s best if you have a slight hill for the car to roll down, once the car is going a fair speed you simple turn the keys into the on position, put your foot on the clutch, change the car into second gear then slowly release you foot from the clutch, if you get the process just right you will have your car back up and running.

Another way of starting your car with a flat battery which has popped up recently is by using a newish product called a portable jumpstart kit. Portable jumpstart kits are a small battery which is connected to a cigarette lighter attachment, in the event that you car battery is dead the idea is to plug the kit into your cigarette lighter port and the battery will deliver just enough power to the starter motor to start the car.

So really there are three ways of restarting your car even if the battery has gone flat, but regardless of which one you use at the end of the day you are going to have to recharge the battery fully when you get home and for that job you will need a car battery charger. The best chargers for preserving the life of your battery are trickle charges which will recharge your battery slowly overnight.


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