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Car Kettles Plug In To Cigarette Lighter - 12V Automobile Kettles

Updated on April 29, 2014

An in car kettle plugs into the cigarette lighter where it runs off your car battery to produce steaming hot water ready for making tea, coffee, ramen noodles, soups or for warming up baby bottles...or anything else you can think of where hot to boiling water might be needed. Mini kettles for cars and other motor vehicles are the ideal alternative to over-priced drive through coffee vendors and will heat up a beverage for you wherever you go.

The vast majority of these battery powered automobile water boilers for cars and automotive use are 12V kettles which run directly off your car battery by plugging into the cigarette lighter connector port. As such, they are not going to bring water to a boil as fast as your 2000 Watt home kettle but they're still the best alternative to bringing a flash or coffee or hot beverage warmer along for the ride and given around 10 - 15 minutes max. you'll have boiling hot water.

There are several different styles of travel car kettles and hot water makers for automobiles to choose from and which is best for you is going to depend on your purposes.

Firstly, there are mini kettles for cars which resemble your typical home jug kettle but in a much smaller size, typically around 2 cups. These are used for boiling water but are not good for reheating exisiting beverages without making a mess.

Secondly, there are automobile water heaters for cars which are just a corded heating element which you plug into the cigarette lighter and then frop the heating element into your beverage where it either heats up the water (or soup etc.) or warms up an existing beverage like say, if you costly Starbucks coffee got cold and you can't stand the thought of throwing five bucks out the window. These can be a little messy however as they need to be cleaned after each use unless you just use them for boiling water.

Travel Kettles For Cars and Automobiles

The best alternative to bringing a thermos flask or insulated travel mug on the road with you is to be able to make your own fresh beverages and liquid foods like soup and noodles fresh, anywhere you may be. Roadside food is generally mediocre at best and often pricey for what you get and buying coffee is always a wallet shocking experience and those tempting fru-fru coffee drinks can pack in hundreds of calories we could all really do without. A small portable kettle for the car lets you make tea or coffee in minutes for a few pennies, eliminates the fru-fru sugar and cream packed temptations which can pack in over 500 calories a pop, and lets you make a quick snack without paying for fast-food or 'blah' service station fare.

The best kettles for vehicles are shown below. They all are powered by the car battery and will provide you with boiling water in no time.

The Top Rated Mini Kettle For Automobile

RoadPro 5027S 12V Smart Car Pot
RoadPro 5027S 12V Smart Car Pot

Ideal for professional drivers who spend a lot of time on the road or for anyone who wants a handy tea of coffee maker for the car, this unit from Road Pro will heat up water for making instant soup or coffee and tea in minutes. It runs off a 12 V power source with a plug in adapter which fits any standard car cigarette lighter. It also has a built in safety shut off if it boils dry and protection against being plugged into the wrong voltage. This small car coffee pot is designed for portability with a compact body and convenient styling.

Travel Water Heater Kettle for Car
Travel Water Heater Kettle for Car

This handing in car hot water heater holds up to two cups of water and comes with two stowable cups for your convenience. It plugs directly into the cigarette lighter and have an automatic safety switch off and boil dry thermostat to protect the unit.


Why Buy A Car Kettle Anyway?

Still Not Convinced You Need One Of These...

OK, so you've looked at the products and you are not convinced one of these are for you. Well, there are multiple reasons why everyone should consider making one of these part of their car kit. Sure, they're not perfect. The car battery doesn't do a great job of speed heating water, but it gets there in the end and yes, 2 cups might not be enough if there's four of you in the car, but let's face it, when your options are limited, this is going to be a lifesaver.

Think about these scenarios:

You're out in the middle of nowhere where service stations are few and far between, it's freezing outside and you're dying for a cup of nice hot coffee. Bam! Plug in your car hot water kettle and away you go!

Your baby is crying because it's feeding time and all you've got with you is a cold bottle of milk...ugh! Well, no worries, heat up some water in your automobile kettle and there's your in-car baby bottle warmer.

You spend $30+ a week on drive-through coffee from somewhere like Starbucks to stay awake on the way to work. Yeesh, that's $1500 a year which could be better spent! Make your own for the road in your $30 car coffee maker and take a vacation with the savings!

You drive a lot for work and spend a lot of time eating fast food and other junk on the road just because there's not a lot of alternatives. Plug in your shiny new kettle for automobiles and enjoy hot soup, instant noodles and more. That's got to be healthier for you than fast food burgers and fries and cheaper too.

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  • Projectlazy profile image

    Projectlazy 5 years ago

    I had a mug once that would warm up my coffee when I started the car. Wish I could find another one.

  • BestForTheMoneyz profile image

    BestForTheMoneyz 5 years ago

    very cool lens, great job

  • mihgasper profile image

    Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

    Great idea. You don't need to drive if you want a coffee. You just need to seat in a car and have a coffee:-)

  • profile image

    myamya 5 years ago

    Fantastic lens, nicely done!

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    Car kettles plugging in car battery or cigarette lighters, wow that's just great.

  • joannalynn lm profile image

    joannalynn lm 5 years ago

    We take a family road trip every year to visit my Mum, and the drive is two long nine hour days. I can't find good coffee on this road trip (we take the same route every year), so if I had one of these I could take a good Italian instant. Do you know if there is a model that has both an AC and 12 volt with some kind of adapter on the same unit? It would more versatile whilst traveling e.g. in the car and in a motel room. We have an adapter in the car to charge our lap tops that plugs into the lighter on one side and has the AC adapter for our lap tops on the other. No matter, very cool little appliance! I must look into it.

  • LittleLindaPinda profile image

    Little Linda Pinda 5 years ago from Florida

    Handy for coffee drinkers and maybe even tea drinkers.

  • VigilantChef LM profile image

    VigilantChef LM 5 years ago

    I think I need one!

  • profile image

    AndieDee 5 years ago

    Does this kettle used on a car?

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    I'd save myself a lot of trips to Tim Horton's. I had no idea these existed. Great lens.

  • Diana Wenzel profile image

    Renaissance Woman 5 years ago from Colorado

    Fabulous idea! I didn't know these products existed. I'd love to be able to brew some coffee or tea any time I feel like it while on the road. Thanks for introducing me to these car kettles. Appreciated!