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Car Theft Prevention - Save Yourself A Major Headache By Protecting Your Car From Theft

Updated on February 9, 2011

Preventing Car Theft

Statistics show that about one car is stolen every 12 seconds!

We don't always think about what will happen if our car gets stolen.

We don't think of the weeks of inconvenience we will have due to the theft of the car. Believe me, it's a miserable feeling turning up to collect your car and it's not there because it has been stolen, and, the inconvenience that the theft of our car causes is a nightmare and VERY stressful!

Think about it. A stolen car means:

  • weeks of delay whilst the insurance company sorts out your claim.
  • getting up earlier and additional expense to get into work.
  • getting home later at night.
  • extra worry about the kids having to take public transport.
  • higher premiums when your insurance is due for renewal.
  • loss of personal possessions and more.

Taking a few steps towards car theft prevention can help to avoid the inconvenience and stress of having your car stolen!

Help To Prevent Car Theft - Never Leave Your Keys In The Ignition

Stack-On PS-514 Personal Safe with Electronic Lock
Stack-On PS-514 Personal Safe with Electronic Lock

Most burglars don't have the time to do anything other than grab the valuables and make a quick exit. Fix one of these to the floor or a wall (mine is secured to the floor in a handy cupboard) and secure your car keys and valuables.


Tips To Stop Or Prevent Car Theft

When my car was stolen it wasn't because I left the keys in the ignition or because I didn't have a car security device fitted, the car was parked in my driveway nicely locked up and, I thought secure.

I had to go away for a few days and the house was burgled. The burglars found my car keys, which had been put away in a cupboard, and took the car, using it to move the stolen house contents.

Double the headache!

Well, if we aren’t taking the car away with us it doesn’t follow that we think about taking the car keys with us to help prevent car theft. If I had taken them then the thieves would have got away with far less than they did.

We all get wiser after the event, but, for a small outlay it makes sense to get yourself a home safe.

Needless to say, I have now installed one of these digital safes in my house. They really are easy to install and can be fixed to the floor or wall to prevent theft.

Try to get into the habit of putting your valuables in the safe when you go out. If you aren’t taking them with you then things like your car keys, passports, cameras, phones, hand held games, Ipods and jewelry should all be locked away safely.


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