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Audi A6 steering as you move from right to left side

Updated on March 29, 2011

Audi a6

Because from time to time there are questions about someone changing the steering, it cannot analyze the trial related nuance of what is changing, what works, what CAN a remake or adapter, etc..
Criticism is Expected, what better than to do so Because the ideal is to rework I think really does not pull ...
Patient: 2003. 1.9 TDI

You need to change:

Steering Column
Plastic protection Where the column rolled Into the Wheel Arches
pedal "with everything"
Shoulders Spilling plastic drainage
Steering column HOSE-2PCS.
vacuum brake pipe from the bladder tap
Wiper Mechanism with Feet
Brake Pipes from attachment to the tube, pipe tap boxes
Plastic windowsill, and another large plastic, Which Covers bat
components of the plastic box
Cabin Air Filter Box
Battery help
hood opening handle
panel, the plastic steering wheel
Tube panel
Pipe mounting bracket R + L
Right-Hand Side Where The plastic cover at the bottom of Fiske
sound insulation material to placed on the windowsill of a Lady
support for the foot clutch pedal and the left of the brackets
Light Switch Mount
the front door with windows or door frames plasmases Switches
Front door handle
Driver's door lock
fuse panel on the side
All plastic frames in the panel, Which is attached on the relay, Fisk ... (Only One Is The Same All Dummy)

window sill in the beginning, inside breaking

 Removing the partitions, the entire wall is connected by four tin and a replacement is sufficient to leave two of the windowsills, and all can be changed, but the problem is that one of the upper part of the sill and the support and how it is welded to the sides of the body than other points and seam of the Annex to poor access there, I leave it up, but only two major turned away trays, ie, separated in the middle, top left, bottom to withdraw, a beautiful image

further, adding a European first division there body differences:

the left side of the steering column came out in the cabin is at the top of the bloated, you need to made, and longeron stumps, so one side boil on new sites (old pre-drilled points will need to drill a new brew, and point), but on the other side boiling point "air", ie where there is no metal should be boiled, and will be added here on the left, while a higher stump obstacle normally ordered "planted" component of the box in its place, the box can stumps or play, I choose the second option, because my approach is as follows: body is to partition variation is relatively broken, so I look better the further the body is not login to change the level of the other details of such a suit as they are made, not only boiling partition and then another, and other details cutting them ...

behold, new partitions discrepancy, apart from that there is still a crook and a little bit different, but not stone, metal welding and spend a little after ...

written in this new side of a partition stands lower than the English, and run out of metal and the angle facing the stump does not normally built components of the plastic boxes, the purchase of an Englishman can be found by opening the bottom of the box penetration, applied carved and porridge, I am doing differently, bold enough to cut a few inches disk and tape injection of both planes and welded again, the euro stands up box without damaging anything.

To Be Continued

 The steering column bolt locations:

partition is already in place, the band primed points, then lubricated joint sealant, glue sheets of sound insulation

 battery rack, still cleaning the ground to cause the seam sealant and paint

 troubles with the engine wire which goes toward a computer, cables pour into the rubber,

 New wiring is done.

 Work is moving slowly, with electricity as well as completed work to the last re-elected fuse, hard to take out laidukai, photo frames and relays to a few other differences in plastic.

 When you can stick the colored rugs from the engine side saves some sort of note, and the cabin where the gluing is local, used and cuttings, hair-dryers for heating and stick pretty lies, just near the front all covered in the sound insulation, it is clear that the UK version of the and many parts are different.

 2 To Be Continued


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    • kapitula profile image


      7 years ago from Lithuania

      good iliustrations


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