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My Chevrolet Husband Bought A Ford!

Updated on November 17, 2011

What's the world coming to when people are crazy about a certain thing for years, then WHAMMO! one day they change their minds and try something new? They buy the VERY THING that they once bad-mouthed all the time. TRAITORS! What ever happened to loyalty in this day and age?

Just kidding. This is really just a lot of light-hearted jibber jabber - and a way to give my husband a hard time.

My husband has always been a Chevy man. It seems Chevy men run in his blood-line. His dad, his grandpa, who knows, it may even date back to the guy that invented Chevrolet.

When we got married, he claimed that I was his #1 love, but I think I may have run a close race with his '74 Nova hatchback. He loved that car, and so did I. He often teased me and said that was why I went for him, because of his car. Well, I liked his car, but I liked him better.

At one point, he stripped the paint from the car, put on some primer, and was getting ready to put a new coat of shiny emerald on it. (He used to work in a body shop, and was going to paint it himself). But before he did, my teenage sweetheart gave me a most pleasant surprise for my graduation. When he drove in for the ceremony, you could see him a mile away. There was a message in big, bold letters painted on the side of his car. CONGRATULATIONS CRB (my initials at the time).

OK, you thought I was going to tell you that it said, WILL YOU MARRY ME, right? Well, he'd already asked that question a year earlier, and we were married two weeks after graduation.

Would you believe that one day he up and sold that car? He regrets it to this day.

Well, you can kind of get just a small glimpse of the role that Chevy has played in my husband's life. Sentimental value, family tradition, even a bulletin board. But one day, he pulled a BIG one. This was even bigger than the graduation message, and almost as big as the numbers on the speedometer when he drove his hot rod. I almost can't say it...I better start another paragraph for this one.

HE BOUGHT A FORD! Yes, you read it right! Can you believe it? He actually bought a FORD! And not just any Ford mind you, but a brand new, F350 Super Duty! Now, how's that for a shocker?

It happened almost before he new it. One moment he was driving an old beat-up '84 GMC and the next moment? Well, you get the picture.

I think that he's starting to find out that Fords may not be so bad after all. And I think he likes his truck almost as much as he liked his '74 hot rod. I think he looks cute driving it too. So all's well that ends well, right?

What about family tradition? Well, we were discussing this during supper last night. His proud, Chevy dad, who has owned a line of impressive GM vehicles, including a lovely antique 1941 Chevy pickup, and a macho 1969 Chevy short bed, well, now he owns a gorgeous cranberry-colored Ford Escape. (But, he still drives a little Chevy S10 to work. Some habits are just hard to break).


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    • rtrdpenguin profile image

      rtrdpenguin 9 years ago from NC

      A good car is a good car, regardless of brand =) Loyalties can only do so much to stop you if you really like a vehicle from another company!

    • Israelj profile image

      Israelj 9 years ago from California

      I have owned a Ford Mustang, and they are a great car. You have a wonderful writing style, I love to read it.:)


    • blessedmommy profile image

      Carisa Gourley 9 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma

      HA HA ! Thanks for stopping by, Eddie. Great story. Thanks for sharing it.

      I love to give my husband a hard time about buying his Ford.

    • profile image

      Eddie Perkins 9 years ago

      It is terrible when people can’t stay true to what they say. Just kidding. I’ve been through it all. I had friends that were true blue Chevy, Ford and Chrysler fans.

      When I raced my ’69 Torino my best mechanic was my best friend Jim who was a dyed in the wool Chevy man. Jim drove a ’68 Chevy SS and it surprised me one day to hear that another friend of his that also had a ’68 SS asked Jim if he thought he could outrun my Ford. Jim said; “the best advice I can give is, if you happen to be in front, don’t look back”. I never thought I would hear that from a Chevy man. Just goes to show you. Something, not sure what.

      Thanks for the fun hub and memories. ~ eddie