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Friendlier Hybrid Conversion Kit for Gasoline Vehicles in the Works

Updated on June 24, 2011

Inventor Charles Perry and co-inventor Paul Martin III may not be able to fully convert your gas guzzling vehicle into a hybrid, but their newest invention can increase its city mileage fuel efficiency. Their latest invention is the Universal Plug-In Conversion Vehicle (MTSU UPIC) which incorporates a plug-in hybrid engine that can double the city mileage fuel efficiency of a gasoline vehicle. Basically, the hybrid engine will take over powering the vehicle when it is traveling under 40 miles per hour and recharge when the driver presses on the brakes.

Charles Perry is an Engineering Professor and the Russell Chair of Excellence in Manufacturing at Middle Tennessee State University located in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition, Perry holds 28 years of inventing new technology for IBM. Co-inventor Paul Martin III is an automotive engineer and project manager with Middle Tennessee State University’s Department of Engineering Technology.

In comparison to other gasoline vehicle hybrid conversion kits on the market today, Perry and Martin’s conversion kit will cost significantly less ($3,000 versus the current average of $10,000), is composed of a small lithium-ion battery and small but powerful direct-current brushless motor that can be discreetly installed in the vehicle’s trunk rather than being attached to the exterior of the vehicle like current conversion kits, and the battery will only need to be recharged every 100,000 miles.

Perry and Martin’s conversion kit is currently in the demonstration phase, with investors being needed for further progression. With inventors continuously creating inventions to close the gap between the hybrid concept and gasoline vehicles, there just may be hope for big body sports utility lovers yet.


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