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e3 Spark Plugs will save gas

Updated on July 25, 2009

Can The E3 Spark Plugs Improve My Car Mileage?

The E3 Spark Plugs saved me. My wallet at least. My car's mileage has improved ever since i installed the E3 Spark Plugs into my fuel guzzler of a car. Some of you may be skeptical of putting new gizmos into your car but my wallet was bleeding from the fuel consumption and I was willing to try anything.

I drive a big car. A car that I was told would be reliable and fuel efficient. It is a Toyota Camry. After driving it for 3 months, I have not proven the reliability part but I am as sure as I can ever be that my big car is a fuel guzzler. It did not give me 28 MPG (12 km/litre) as advertised, instead i was getting 16 MPG (7km/litre). With a 70 litres fuel capacity for my car, this meant a difference of 350km. That translate to 50 litres at the miserable 7km/litre mileage. At the current sky high fuel costs, that is US$74 more each time I fill up my car. And I visit the petrol kiosk twice a week. It was really draining my wallet. (hope the maths did not turn you off)

Desperate, I took the recommendations of my mechanic and tried out the E3 Spark Plugs. Am I glad that I did.

How Does The E3 Spark Plug Works?

The E3 Spark Plugs claimed to produce a faster flame front and pressure rise so that it is able to burn more of the fuel to power the piston before the fuel is vented off by the exhaust valve. This is achieved by their DiamondFire Technology which is made up of the below 3 components:

  1. Directing the flame to the spark zone faster by opening the section at the top of the electrode.
  2. Projecting the flame farther forward into the combustion chamber to get a more efficient burn.
  3. Forced edge-to-edge spark discharge to improve the spark discharge.

These 3 design changes by E3 helped to produced the E3 advanced DiamondFire Technology spark plugs.

Enough about the technology..back to my personal test of the plugs.

My Experience Testing The E3 Spark Plugs

The day that I installed the E3 Spark Plugs, I immediately felt an instant performance increase. My big fat car started to run smoother, a quieter idle and the throttle response become quicker on the foot. Yah, no more delay in response!

I have gone through about 1 month of trying out the e3 spark plugs. With about 5 tank change, my mileage is reflected as 25 MPG (11km/litre). This is a huge savings for me! I am saving about US$50+ dollars per top up. This is a life saver for me.

I know some of you may have also tried the e3 spark plugs but did not get the same results that i did. My take is that for cars which are already operating at the manufacturer's specifications, the fuel savings will probably not be noticeable. However for cars like mine, which are sub-optimal, the performance boost can be pretty obvious.

Further Testing Needed For The E3 Spark Plugs

I will also be installing the E3 Spark Plugs into my wife's car. She is driving a Ford Focus and I have not really hear her complain much about her mileage. But I am curious about how the E3 Spark Plugs will work on a American car. I will update when I get some results about the e3 spark plugs again.


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  • profile image

    ot phd 5 years ago

    Seen to many bad reviews on these plugs cracking under heat and pressure in very high performance cars use at own risk.

  • profile image

    Mark Gaspard 6 years ago

    To add to my last comment. I have spent around $400.00 to fix what they have damaged! I am tempted to find the company that has made these, for consumer vehicles, and take em to court, on the damages. If ya dont want damage to your cars or trucks, DO NOT USE E3 SPARK PLUGS!!!

  • profile image

    Mark Gaspard 6 years ago

    E3 spark plugs, are not a good plug to run in any Chevy engine. They burn too hot, and it WILL cost you alot of money, to fix what they have damaged. I know the guarantee shows, 100,000 miles. I have had them in for only 3000 miles, and less than 3 mths, and they have fouled out already. I replaced them with Bosch Platinums. I have ran Bosch Platinums for years. I was talked into the E3's by a Orielly Auto Parts counterman. I returned them to Orielly Auto Parts, and they gave me a refund. In a race car, yeah I can see em, but in a diy's every day driver, NO!!

  • profile image

    KayJay 6 years ago

    I tried E3 plugs in my V6 2002 Malibu. The car seemed to run a little better but I didn't notice any difference in mileage. It developed a serious miss after 26,000 miles on the plugs. My mechanic found one of the plugs was bad. First time I ever had this happen. If you use them you might want to replace them pretty often. I won't use them again.

  • profile image

    chongo9713 6 years ago

    I have not noticed a single thing. Except for fouling plugs. Jeep 4.0.

  • profile image

    Gary Strong 6 years ago

    I've been building engines and hot rods from the ground up for several decades. I always question any new product before I use it on blind faith.

    One of the most reliable testing facilities in the world is Michigan Tech. Recently a tv series starring Stacy David took the E3 Spark Plugs to Michigan Tech for a serious reliable test. The Michigan Tech Center test results showed the E3 Plugs did produce a much larger coverage area of heat/spark within the combustion chamber than conventional spark plugs.

    Even seeing the pictures placed side by side of the spark plug tests of E3 and conventional spark plugs, I am still not convinced enough to actually use them in my vehicles. My area of concern is within the heat range and the larger burn area within the combustion chamber produced by the E3 Spark Plug, as was shown on the Michigan Tech Centers test result pictures.

    Also, my skeptical side just has to wonder about many of the things I see on some of the tv shows and form a personal opinion - that opinion is, I have to wonder if things like this are in some way an infomercial.

    It also makes me question the effects on the valves over a long period of time of larger area of heat produced from the E3 Plug. My concern is, if used over any long period of time if there would be any negative effects on the intake and exhaust valves, such as causing the valves to burn around the edges. I'm not saying that burnt valves would actually be the result - I am just not fully convinced at this point. As I said, this is all only my own opinion.

    Also, I always try to buy Made in America items over foreign made items. I realize that is not always possible, but it's just something I strive for.

    If you really want make improvements to your engines power, torque and mpg, one of the least expensive and most reliable pieces of testing equipment you can buy is a large faced vacuum gauge. Then get a good book on how to properly use a vacuum gauge. You will be amazed at the amount of power, torque and mpg your engine can improve from by a good large faced vacuum gauge and the many ways to use it to make improvements in your engines.

    I have installed two vacuum gauges per vehicle in all my vehicles - one vacuum gauge is inside the car under the dashboard and I installed the other vacuum gauge under the hood. Under the hood I connected the other vacuum gauge to a threaded vacuum hole in the intake manifold and have the vacuum gauges under the hoods mounted secure, in order to help me when tuning the vehicle.

    Pontiac and AMC are just a few auto manufacturers who installed vacuum gauges in many of their cars for many years for a good reason.

    Once you learn how to properly understand and use a vacuum gauge, you'll be very pleased with the results.

  • profile image

    Mike 6 years ago

    Snake oil.

  • profile image

    Kevin 6 years ago

    E3 has anyone tried these plugs with a larger 2 stroke I have a mercury 250hp efi and I email e3 but they had no data for me.

  • profile image

    scotty 6 years ago

    Hi Everyone, just put the E3 in my 2003 Chrysler intrepid and hour ago. Car did idile rough with champion plugs i put in a month ago.. ,Car runs so much smoother, power seems better but probally because it runs so much smoother now lolo, Real or not it did make a differnece on my Engine,I am am thrilled on how it ideals sonice now.

  • profile image

    Mr bob 6 years ago

    howmany of you are paid to post this phoney bull shit about how goo they are it is all bull shit over priced non producing bull shit i have seen 1000 to 1 ratio of real life results e3 are a gimmick at best anda waste of money


  • profile image

    kenrock 6 years ago

    i put them in 2005 hemi and new wires and a could air boxs it run fine'

  • profile image

    Utah Bob 6 years ago

    I'm an experimenter. I've tried many plugs including acoustical. Tried the Bosch +2 and +4, the E3s are my latest experiment in 2 cars and gave a set to father in law. I'll give everyone here the benefit of doubt. 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid got immediate power increase that amazed me. It's a 2.3l engine that is a little underpowered.

    No other new plug ever made such a difference! Engine was quieter, more responsive and powerful it is an inline 4. A little better gas mpg like 3-5%.

    Then put them in my wife's 2010 Kia Forte that already got 42-44 mpg highway. Did not notice any power increase from this 2.0 engine but about 10% mpg. I figure mpg on every vehicle on every fill. One variable on the Kia Forte, we switched to Ethanol gas. The Kia mpg actually stayed the same going from real gas to 10% ethanol, but I count that as a 10% gain because in the past it always got 10% less using the ethanol garbage.

    I'm at Davis-Monthan AFB in Az they are experimenting w the Pulse plugs , which I have not tried in base vehicles. They are also adding Hpc hydrogen generators to a few gas/diesel vehicles. They expect a 3% gain

  • profile image

    terry g 7 years ago

    i put e 3's in two different cars and had to remove them within the first 1000 miles, one car has only 60,000 miles on it

  • profile image

    Terry Q 7 years ago


    I have to agree with Jared. I have owned a 2007 Toyota Camry LE V6 since new in 2006. We have had every needed service on the car from our local Toyota Dealer since that time. The car has always run perfectly by never got very good gas mileage. We average 16-18 MPG around town and 24-26 highway MPG. Combined never better than 24 MPG. We are looking at getting a performance chip and using these E3 sparkplugs. Anything that may achieve better mileage is worth a try. I'm 54 and never opposed at trying new technology.

  • profile image

    Azza 7 years ago

    Jared I believe the point Misha made about fooling yourself is probably correct. Any new set of plugs gapped correctly would have given the same results. What you dont mention is the condition of the plugs that came out of the vehicle, so any resulting increase in fuel efficiency was likely due to the previous plugs being so poor. Occam's Razor anyone? Nope, lets reach for the snake oil.

  • AirportCS profile image

    AirportCS 7 years ago

    That is too Good.If it is worked we save seriously some bucks by using this Spark Plug,as we are Airport Car Service from UK we need to maintain our cars regularly and our fuel expense is too high then other.It may help us to decrease some amount of fuel usage.Thanks for sharing such a useful info.

  • profile image

    James 7 years ago

    Thanks for the post Jared. I don't know if this is hype or not but if you payed someone $50 to install spark plugs, looks to me like you don't know that much about spark plugs (or saving money). ~~~ James from little england, UK.

  • profile image

    The Voice of Reason 7 years ago

    You lost me when you said your Camry was a big fat gas guzzler.

  • Max2deMAXX profile image

    Max2deMAXX 7 years ago from Somewhere on the World's Largest Island


    I personally haven't heard of this E3 spark plugs before. So I can NOT comment on their performance.

    However one spark plug that does work, boosts HP and saves gas/petrol and at the same time reduses emissions is a PULSE Spark Plug. It looks like an ordinary spark plug on the outside, but inside it has this built-in capacitor that stores energy from the engine's power coil and at the exact moment needed, that energy is released in an amazingly quick and powerful high energy pulse. This is a NEXT level (New generation) in spark plug technology.

    Even the top Platinum and Iridium high performance spark plugs out there only deliver up to 50 watts of power, the Pulse plugs, thanks to their built-in capacitors deliver, belive it or not 1Kw of power, that's 1,000,000 watts. They do not harm the engine or void the new car warranty, and are avaliable in Platinum and Iridium version as well.

    The Platinum Pulse Spark Plugs are US $ 10.95 each, and the Iridium Pulse spark Plugs are US $ 13.95 each.

    I use them in my Nissan Pulsar N14 which I brought in 2005, the difference is the car picks up speed faster now and uses less fuel, I don't have to push the accelerator pedal so hard to the floor now. I wish I discovered Pulse plugs way sooner than I did, but I guess better late then never.

  • profile image

    joe  7 years ago

    E 3 sparkplugs are the worst.Cost me $179.00 to fix my car after install them. They blewout at plug boot, went back to AC Delco plugs. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • profile image

    jimmy  7 years ago

    after installing my e3 plugs in my 06 silverado with 140000miles i seen no difference in power or fuel economy and after 12000 miles of service with the e3 plug i had to change them out and go back to the acdelco plug from factory and ahhhhhhhhh runs so much better!!!

  • profile image

    Jody 7 years ago

    There is no magic plug, It's sad that people are actually gullible to this snake oil nonsense.

  • profile image

    Chris 7 years ago

    My comment is directed at the posts from/to "toofunny"

    You stated that you "know" toofunny is an expert in this area - BUT you didn't clarify how or why you know this.

    toofunny did not come across as an expert on "anything," in fact he sounds like a complete moron!!

    To come into a discussion and declare something true or false without "facts" proves nothing but a loud mouth that needs to be heard. I can only imagine what his family and friends go through being around him!

    FACT: Nothing in regards to car engines is ever the same from 2 of the same models coming off the assembly line!!

    The machined parts, despite being crafted under the same conditions will always have slight variations in everything from opening sizes to imperfections in surface area, that's why they have "tolerance" ranges in a production process. Granted the differences in the completed products may be so minor the typical driver wouldn't notice but Dyno testing will always show slight differences.

    On "every" production line there will always be some variation from one end of quality spectrum to another. If you compare the worst quality product(despite being within spec range) and best(which could easily exceed spec range) - compare those 2 and tell me you won't see significant differences!

    Talking out your ass, as if "everything" is black and white DOES NOT make you an expert!!

    So, toofunny I suggest you plug it!

    Everyone else - I recommend you do your own due diligence, throw out the highest and lowest opinions and focus on the "Mean"(middle ground) or more common opinions!

  • profile image

    Hal 7 years ago

    I dont care what plug comes out, you will get what you get with your ignition which in most cases is STOCK. To get what E3 claims, your ignition has to be upgraded, plain and simple. Stay with your vehicle's O.E. plug

  • profile image

    WHplayer 7 years ago

    If you want to get improved performance upgrade your spark plugs buy one size only. It will burn hotter and quicker and can be half the coast of the e3 spark plugs.

  • profile image

    Pete B 7 years ago

    Just installed some E3's in my wife's Mazda 5. Initially engine would turn over but not fire. Removed one E3 (leftmost one) and it fired up. Within one kilometre, the check engine light came on. Within 3 KM engine would miss. Old plugs now back in with check engine light still illuminated.

    On the flip side I put these in on the recommendation of someone at work who drive a Subaru Outback and reports 3-5% increase in fuel economy, with no problems.

  • profile image

    DaMan 7 years ago

    Who knows with spark plugs... Maybe some work better then others, and depends on your car.

    I would say use whatever NASCAR drivers are using. I think they probably know what gets the best performance. :)

  • profile image

    Josh s 7 years ago

    i put the E3 in my 1997 ford f150 with the 4.2 V6 i had an engine knock and when i figured out my old mpg i was getting 7.5 then i switched to the E3s and got new wires now im getting somewhere around 15 and it runs smoother no knock

  • profile image

    TheBusiness 7 years ago

    The ad at the top. Which the article is an advertisement. Don't get me wrong, it conveys it's point of sale. The mathmatics, however, are just incorrect. Camrys aren't big. They are in the economy catagory. If your getting 16 city. I would worry about more than my plugs. I would change them if I havnt in a while, yes. I can use OE plugs. Change all six. 4 times a year. Myself. And spend less than your plugs and labor cost still. Plugs are easy. Don't forget the distributor and rotor clip. And cables. They matter to. Also, even on the high end of the gas price spectrum. Your not going to put $74 USD into a camry, regardless. Maybe in Europe The prices are such that it may translate to that USD, then your getting gouged (shafted) by the oil business anyhow. Point being that they are no big gas guzzlers. If your mileage is that bad compare to the sticker my guess is that the manufactuerer didn't lie. They sold you a lemon or you are not maintainIng your vehicle and is resulting in your lack of mileage. I drive a truck that gets 13 mpg from the factory. No complaints. My choice. That is a gas guzzler. A car that truly makes use of 24+ mpg average that is only getting 16 isn't a guzzler. It's junk. Not meaning any insult but in America we do things big and I can be at a stop light of a 100 vehicles an see 1 'car'. I understand that It helps to fluff things a bit for a sale but let's make them believable. Check your conversions up top. I drive a truck that has a huge 20 plus gallon tank that is still considered small and it cost me maybe $80 to fill it. Nowwhere in two years has there been a gas station in the US that has cost any more. Let me assure every one out there that your not goin to save 74 bucks at the gas pump when that's how much a camry might cost on a horrible day at the pump. Your not goin to save fifty!! Your not gonna pay 74 one day an 20 the next. Especially because of plugs. Through the logic you have posted up top I would be safe to say that you are suggesting that these things are that great that you not Only save money but get payed money at the pump. In all honesty if you are that concerned about gas costs etc. Let's think globally and solve the problem. Get a new real actual genuine fuel efficient car. An if you sleep better. Putthe plugs in there. But You drive a sport car because You like to tear things up. This technology has it's applications. Yes. The ad up top and your presentation is misleading. Maybe intentional or maybe ignorance. But it's not accurate to say the least. Post this or not. I'm satisfied that it reached your eyes. I'm sure your marketing skills tell you it's good to put in a few negative or opposing posts so you can use them to your advantage. Maybe someone would be willing to buy an alarm system from a doorto door sales man if they were burglarized a week prior. Even if they didn't know that the salesman was the one that burgled them for their stuff and the hopes to create a sale.

  • profile image

    paul s 7 years ago

    Try dropping heat ranges in plugs.You can at bare minimal on a hemi pick up 200km's/tank

  • profile image

    Rob 8 years ago

    Read a bunch of stuff on how great these things are... gonna have to try them myself

  • profile image

    Justin  8 years ago


    GM-AC Delco/GM performance


    Japanese-NGK/and other crappy plugs

  • huss691981 profile image

    huss691981 8 years ago from Momence Illinois

    I tried these plugs in my 07 scion tc. I had only 35000 miles on it so the plugs wern't wornout yet so I thought is would be a good experiment. The gas savings has been small. But if you save a 1/16 of a gallon per tank, you will save the money you put into the plugs. Mike

  • profile image

    nobog 8 years ago

    I believe any so-called milage increase come from the fact that the old plugs were shot - not that the E3's were doing anything better than an OEM spec'ed plug would do.

  • profile image

    tman 8 years ago

    I put E3's in my 95 maxima and they responded well. quicker, smoother starts and responsive acceleration. Well pleased. I've recently put them in my 91 Camry.

  • profile image

    Derrick 8 years ago

    I'm guessing the Camry in this story might have come from the factory with one or more faulty or weak spark plugs. That would cause the bad mileage and replacing them with ANY working sparkplug would result in an improvement in fuel economy.

    A true test would be to install a different set of plugs and check the mileage.

  • profile image

    Robert 8 years ago

    A Toyota Camry should never get 16 mpg. It was a new car, then I'd take it back to the dealer. If it was used, then I'd get a tuneup. The E3 plugs have actually been researched. They aren't a scam. They've been proven to slightly improve fuel economy, increase horsepower, and reduce emissions. Don't expect a 10 mpg gain in fuel economy though.

  • profile image

    falcon021084 8 years ago

    I tried platinum+4 on my 1994 Nissan sentra and found that it's actually more fuel efficient, on horse power i felted less power. platinum+2 actually gave more hp and smoother acceleration but in 2 months the plug ran out quickly and i wasn't feeling the performance that it had. ngk iridium are actually better but i heard rumors about the tip falling off to the piston and making engine damage. but it lasts longer then all and u won't feel less performance even with the plug getting older. too bad about the tip.. i bought these E3s plugs for a Toyota mr2 afraid of those ngk iridium's tips falling on my pistons.. hopefully since my car is a Toyota make, I will get the same impact that has "Jared L" happy about hopefully..

  • profile image

    Charles 8 years ago

    Can anyone help..Starting problem. I have an sports aircraft engine, boxer 4 cyl, 2 stroke. The size(strength) of the spark depends on cranking speed. The battery and or, meteorology conditions....if there is a slight problem here, cranking speed drops. I need a plug which would compensate for this. In other words still produce a good spark with slightly less cranking speed. Currently using NGKCR7HSB.

  • profile image

    HORS 8 years ago

    you get the same benefits with the Bosch Spark Plug: Platinum+4; AND YOU PAY LESS FOR THEM ABOUT $5.99.

  • profile image

    Paul 8 years ago

    Put one of these in my 1990 John Deere LX186 lawn tractor. Now it runs smoother and more powerful. A great spark plug!

  • Jared L profile image

    Jared L 8 years ago from Singapore

    do share your experience. Some will have positive experience while others will report poor performance. We should have as many reviews as possible :)

  • profile image

    BOB 8 years ago

    Im going to put a set in my Buell ,will post if I notice any results

  • profile image

    buddah30 8 years ago

    Just for all to know for sure once and for all. The more spots for spark to go the more reliable the spark. The more reliable the spark the better the detonation is. A standard spark plug will almost immediately lose power due to some oxidation. If you have more than one strip of metal you maintain a better chance for a full spark.

    So the reason for better smoother driving is because of the constant amperage of the spark. Therefore it is physically (that is by the laws of physics) impossible for a standard single pronged spark plug to be better than a multi pronged plug. That also means a longer lasting and more reliable spark plug.

    Bosch 2 and 4 pronged plugs are good but the spark remains within the circle that the tips make which is quite small vs. the e3 semi circular design. The difference with the halo and e3 is the e3 has a hex design giving the spark one of various strips to land on. Where the rounded halo is a continuous round which gives the spark a chnce to walk which reduces power a bit.

    If you don't believe me take one of each plug you wanna test hook one at a time to your coil and watch the spark. Make notes on how long the spark was on, how bright the spark was, and where did the spark hit. Then burn them up over a sooty candle and do it again. Check all everything again and determine the best. A quick and easy way to put your mind at ease.

  • profile image

    Mike 8 years ago

    Give me a break - one and all. If E3 plugs were worth anything, the OEM makers would be using them. Ridiculous!

    If you save gas, chances are any plug would have helped you.

    OEM is the way to go, and if you want higher performance, use a higher grade plug (Iridium etc.) from the same OEM brand. E3 is made in China, and we all know Chinese quality.

  • profile image

    K&N Filter Lover... 8 years ago

    I think the loss of fuel mileage may be attributed to the K&N Filter experience. I got more horsepower, but lost mileage. My dad didn't experience horsepower, but gained mileage when driving the same vehicle.

    I guess the loss was/is attributed to enjoying punching the pedal every so often. :) But I too saw that Horse Power show, and well... i'm getting some E3.64 real soon!

  • profile image

    mikeymike 8 years ago

    i've been using bosh+2s in my ford 4.0 6cyl which everyone says dont run well in ford engines, Not so in my case. you have to try the E3 in your car. thats the only way you will know. today any improvement is an improvement to me.but i think the bosh+4 will do the same as e3s alarge contact area, so a stronger flame. hence abetter burn.they wont break the bank, so give them a try.

  • Jared L profile image

    Jared L 8 years ago from Singapore

    thks for the comments. I really love these plugs:)

  • profile image

    greenwrench 8 years ago

    Hey Jared,you are right on,have installed 4 sets of these plugs and have got great feedback from all 4 people.This past week E-3 plugs were tested on a Dyno by Horsepower TV and just like you said more power(@7.3 HP)better fuel mileage and lower emissions on Hydra-carbons and NOX(@100 parts per on each side)If anybody has doubt about the numbers just send them to and they can see Dyno runs there.Very good plugs and good info on your part.

  • profile image

    gk 8 years ago

    Installed e3 plugs in a 2001 dodge pickup truck lots of power now ,but less gas milage.

  • profile image

    Merle 8 years ago

    Just put an E3 -20 in my Toro lawn mower. There is a power difference compared to the Bosch that I was using. The toro is a mulcher and it bogged down less in high grass as compared to the Bosch plug. swithed back to a new Bosch and there was a difference. E-3 will stay in now. Same principle as the Bosch 4 plug, better flame front.

  • profile image

    Cap Sr 8 years ago

    I have tried them miledge was the same power was decent when they are not fouled but changing plugs every other week is not worth it "E3 When Quality Don't Count"

  • profile image

    Toby 8 years ago

    Hey, theese are good, but when it comes to america, CHAMPON is the one and only spark plug out there ;)

  • profile image

    open-minded guy 9 years ago

    Firestorm spark plug concept looks promising. Too bad we have the powers that be take us all for what we are worth. We're just a bottom line to them. Smokey had a great idea which was shut down until recently after he passed. Apparently, someone else "thought" of it and are selling it for huge profits. Anyone seen the new movie "The day the Earth stood still"? Just the opposite of the "Matrix" trilogy.

  • profile image

    Travis 9 years ago

    Thats cool. I've done a lot of research on eliminating throttle response, and this seems to help.

  • britneydavidson profile image

    britneydavidson 9 years ago from united kingdom

    wow this is really useful information...thanx for sharing it...i am gonna get gives good milage and less pollution....2 in 1...great hub Jared L.thanx for sharing...

  • profile image

    That Mean Guy 9 years ago

    To understand how spark plugs work one must understand how electricity works. On a standard plug you have a single point of contact with a set amperage due to the coil that is installed. The gap determins the amperage that is translated to the cylinder due to the length of the path. Spark travels the path of least resistance (and is affected by the amount of carbon on the plug). If you were to watch a spark plug fireing you would see the spark dance around the tip as each fire subtly changes the surface of that tip causing different resistance paths even when no combustible is present. Add a combustable and the dynamic changes dramatically. For example standard fuel with no oxygenating additive has a naturally high resistance. Adding air to this and nebulizing or atomizing the mix decreases the resistance. Adding the "Oxygenator" oddly has the opposit effect and again increases the resistance. The higher the resistance the stronger the spark (amperage) must be to get a clean burn. A spark plug can get signifigantly fouled very early in its life by having something as simple as condensation in the fuel line. They are usually cleaned by the explosive effect of the fireing itself, but this is not always the case. Also misfire can occure several times a minute even on a good running engine. There are multiple ways to increase spark strength including reducing gap, stonger coil and better wires, but there is always a downside to these solutions that most of you probably already understand. There is an erroneous belief that these types of plugs fire multiple sparks simultaniously which if that were the case would split the amperage by the number of sparks present. There is always only one spark but multiple points of contact. The concept that these plugs work on is that by increasing contact area you also reduce the number of misfires due to resistance. In other words, more contact area, more path choices in case one is fouled. This sounds very good but all of this is also effected by certain proprietory elements in the different engine designs. Things such as bore and stroke, and placement of the spark plug itself. These different elements are the reason that gap is so important. Fixed gap plugs seem to try to set a mean that encompasses all if these issues and hope that the higher efficiency spark takes care care of the rest, as far as I can tell, and this, I think, causes the large variations in performance. please forgive any typos as I don't have the time to spell check right now.

  • profile image

    Craig SER V-spec 9 years ago

    I have always had great results with e3 spark plugs. If you can read about their spark plug technology at Its pretty informative. Plus you should check out the truck crashes in their video center.

  • profile image

    Allan 9 years ago

    I think for these plugs to make a significant differance in mpg/performance depends on your engine design. Both E3 and halo plugs direct the flame pattern to the center of the combustion chamber through the hole in the center of the plug. This is great for OHC(over head cam) engines where the plug is pointing directly straight down toward the piston. In a standard push rod type engine, the plug is on an angle in the combustion chamber, this directs the flame pattern to the cylinder wall instead of the piston weakening the plugs effect.

  • profile image

    e3 user 9 years ago

    I got my e3 spark plugs from JCwhitney for 6$ a piece and put em in myself as i do most my automotive work myself. I drive 92 Jeep cherokee 4 door with a 4.0 inline 6 engine. Its a complete gas guzzler. The expected gas milage is around 15 or so highway. my engine always ran kinda rough even putting in new spark plugs and everything. I saw the e3 plugs and figured id try em. I put them in and just like you siad my engine all the sudden was runnign smoother and idling better and everything. As for gas milage, i am getting what I use to get in the highway driving around town. 40$ for a cleaner, smoother running engine? well worth it

  • profile image

    sherlynavia 9 years ago from United States

    This is an incredibly useful resource. I agree with your line of thought and E3 Spark plugs can surely improve Car mileage.

  • profile image

    Gas Tips 9 years ago

    I improved my MPG by 58% using Hydrogen Technology!

  • profile image

    Freedom_man 9 years ago

    I have installed Halo Plugs on my 85 S-10 Blazer witha 2.8L V-6. The engine sucks the old spark plugs were clean (right temp gap etc) and I have not noticed a change in fuel use but I have noticed that the timing is now off by a couple of degrees.

    The plus side is that the engine runs smoother with more zip (power).

    Down side is that Halo plugs about 8 bucks each and I fear running them in a motorcycle do to the fact my bike runs at or over 6K RPM and the plug manufacturer warns that the plug will not cool off fast enough to not cause problems at 6K RPM.

    For a Motorcycle I would recommend denso iridium plugs @ about 12-13 bucks each. I had great results with those on 2 air-cooled engines a 68 bug and a yamaha 750 triple

    E-3 Plugs are about 6 bucks each.

  • myi4u profile image

    myi4u 9 years ago from United Kingdom

    Thanks for the great information. However, I can't wait for your review on your wife's Ford Focus because I am driving a Ford Focus as well.


  • profile image

    Steve from Ohio 9 years ago

    I have installed an E3 plug in my Golden Eagle bike engine (a Tanaka 32 CC 2 stroke) and it helped with power but not much with economy. I was getting about 180 MPG with the stock plug and it went down to about 170 MPG with the E3. I have noticed a higher top speed with the E3 and the engine does run smoother. So for small engines these plugs are worth it.

    I have also installed E3's in my 91 Honda Civic CRX HF. The mileage increased about 2 MPG to 52 MPG average. I have also noticed an increase in power and less downshifting needed.

    I would recommend that you try them. They have a money back garantee.

  • profile image

    Henryk 9 years ago

    Fire Storm CapabilitiesFirst, let look at what Krupa FireStorm spark plugs give aninternalcombustion engine: More horsepower; 44-50% increase in mpg; Dramatic decrease in emissions.Second, let see what FireStorm plugs eliminate: Smog pump; Catalytic converter; Radio frequency interference (RFI) and the use of resistors in thecentreelectrode; Gap growth; Exhauitation/detonation/stutter and gas recirculation (EGR) systems; Misfire/hes

  • Jared L profile image

    Jared L 9 years ago from Singapore

    hi superiorhealth, thanks for the suggestion. I was more surprised that my camry only gave me 7km/litre and was searching for a solution when i found the e3 spark plugs. Til date, my efficiency is still doing pretty well. So I am happy with the spark plugs.

  • Superiorhealth profile image

    Superiorhealth 9 years ago from Walled Lake

    I would also recommend the Bosch Platinum tipped plugs and NGK has the NEW Titanium plugs that I put in my snowmobile and they run awesome! Just remember that tuneups will always help, but it is hard to believe that much of an increase for just adding spiffy plugs!


  • Jared L profile image

    Jared L 9 years ago from Singapore

    hi Halo_user, i have also tried to install on my wife's ford focus and the results were not that great. There were no misfiring but we did not see significant fuel savings that we have seen on my car.

  • profile image

    halo_user 9 years ago

    I have been using Halo Spark plugs on my Honda Civic. Halo spark plugs are somewhat similar with E3 sparkplugs except that the halo sparkplugs have a round tip and E3's have a diamond configuration. both allow for an unobstructed combustion that (from what I've read about the halo sparkplugs) create the "quenching effect" that does not allow a clean burn.

    anyway, I am very happy with the Halo sparkplugs (this type of sparkplug configuration were used in aircraft engines as well) and I have been getting 40 to 43 mpgs on my Honda Civic.

    I did however did not have a good experience with the halo plugs on my wife's toyota sienna. it started misfiring and turned on the check engine light when I installed it. why it affected the engine that way, I don't know.

    overall, I think that the principle behind such type of sparkplugs is effective in some applications.

  • profile image

    FireStorm  10 years ago

    Hi Jared, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I installed Halo spark plugs in my car and have also experienced better gas mileage and improved engine performance. I think that these newer designs reduce the quenching effect and improve combustion. I'm glad that the e3s are working well for you.

  • Jared L profile image

    Jared L 10 years ago from Singapore

    Misha, you do not need to be so offensive in trying to accuse me of misleading others. If it was true, would i even bother approving your comments?

    i know that you are an expert in this field but if you are so closed minded about new technology, where will all the innovations in the world come from? There is no need to insist that "i cannot have such an experience" :)

    Anyway, i have expressed clearly that this is my personal experience and i am not trying to sell anything on this hub page.

  • Misha profile image

    Misha 10 years ago from DC Area

    You cannot have such an experience. First, Camries don't have the mileage you claimed to have initially - unless something is going really wrong. Second, countless experiments with spark plug design under controlled environment showed only marginal improvement over standard design for some engines, if anything at all.

    The only remote possibility of having such an improvement is having your original plugs in such a bad condition that they misfired every other time. In this case installing new REGULAR spark plugs will give the same effect.

    You are either misled yourself, or trying to mislead others, or both.

  • Jared L profile image

    Jared L 10 years ago from Singapore

    I have no need to sell snake oil.... :)

    It is just my personal experience

  • Misha profile image

    Misha 10 years ago from DC Area

    That's either honest mistake or another snake oil.

  • drummer boy profile image

    drummer boy 10 years ago from Kirksville,MO

    This looks like a cool plug, I may have to go out and get some for my next tune up. You might like my hub on how to save gas as well. I talk about changing your spark plugs to save you MPG. Thumbs up here.

  • profile image

    Ree$e!! 10 years ago

    Thats a nice tip thanks ill have to try them because as we all know gas isnt getting any cheaper

  • Jared L profile image

    Jared L 10 years ago from Singapore

    too funny, while there are people who have not gotten any improvements from trying out the E3 Spark Plugs, I am pretty happy with the performance so far. Most of my driving are on city roads,with frequent start stops..that may be the reasons for the low mpg.

  • profile image

    too funny 10 years ago

    i forgot to mention, if your only getting 16 MPG city from a Toyota Camry, you have something bad wrong with 83 Monte Carlo gets 18~20 city, almost 30 hiway with the A/C running, & it has a 5.7 V-8.

  • profile image

    too funny 10 years ago

    these plugs are pure hipe.

    after you get tired of your engine light being on, put some factory plugs back & enjoy a smooth running motor again.

  • Rob Jundt profile image

    Rob Jundt 10 years ago from Midwest USA

    Never heard of these. I'll look for them. Thanks.

  • jonixk profile image

    jonixk 10 years ago from Lisbon

    Great savings indeed! Thanks for sharing your experience with us, jared

  • Jared L profile image

    Jared L 10 years ago from Singapore

    The spark plugs were not expensive..only 10 bucks a piece, but i got the mechanic to install them and the labor costs me another $50.

  • Mark Bennett profile image

    Mark Bennett 10 years ago from Citizen of the Globe

    That's some serious savings! How much did you pay for the spark plugs?


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