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The Fashion Sticky Mat for a More Relaxing Travel

Updated on December 4, 2016

Want to have a relaxing and fun time while travelling and dont need to worry about having a coffee while using your phone? Here is our sticky pad dash board cell phone holder from UniqueX. This is very usefull it prevents slipping and sliding and it is perfect for all sorts of mobile phone. In addition, it is a perfect gift for your family and love ones that need to organize their gadgets and things in their car. It is also ideal for someone who is a loving-gadget commuter and it is a Non-adhesive, non-magnetic, has good grips for cell phones, PDAs, sunglasses, GPS, binoculars, CDs, and anything that you want to grab quickly and easily. I have no idea why it holds things so firmly, but it does without adhering to the object or your dash, keeping all in place on curves, hills, and sudden stops.

Have a relaxing and organized travel with the right car accessories.
Have a relaxing and organized travel with the right car accessories.

Sticky Pad for an Organized Car

It is very useful in travelling it helps you to prevent dropping of your valuable things and messing around while you are busy driving in your long trip for your vacation. It is also very helpful if you are in a rush and need to be on time for your scheduled meeting or for your bussiness trip. You need this thing to make your things more organized and you can find them imediately when you need them.

Feel the luxury of having an organized dashboard.
Feel the luxury of having an organized dashboard.

Dash Mat for Kitchens Too!

It will stick to your vehicle window or dashboard or could be used almost anywhere such as the kitchen and restrooms. There are many kinds of dashboard mats that you can find and buy on internet and department stores. There are cheaper pads with cheaper materials but with poor quality and it is not useful and effective.It will not stick to the dashboard or windows as they are supposed to. A cheaper sticky pad will also lose stickiness after a few days or weeks. This type will cause you to be unsatisfied with the product, won’t it? Unlike UniqueX’s sticky pad which you can buy through our link below, a cheaper dash mat melts in the summer or in a hot temperature because of the low quality materials used during manufacture processes. It may also give ugly stains in your car that is hard to remove or worst stay permanent on your dashboard or window.

As a wise user, you need to choose the right sticky pad that will give you 100% satisfaction upon purchase. UniqueX’s dash mat will be a great gift to someone special this Christmas. Make sure to clean your dashboard or window first before putting your dash mat on it.


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