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    ralphlauren088posted 4 years ago

    Cook has also run into problems with the decision review system that England were thought to have mastered, certainly in comparison with Australia's floundering early in the series. He squandered one himself in an unsuccessful attempt to have his own lbw decision overturned in the second innings at Old Trafford but he confirmed England will be sticking with the system they have developed – a three-way consultation between Cook, Matt Prior and the bowler, or between batsman and non-striker – despite suspicions over Hot Spot's reliability. "I don't think we can think like that – 'he's nicked it but it might not show up on Hot Spot, so we won't refer it'," Cook said. "That's a very dangerous way to look at it. We'll be doing it exactly the same way. If we think he's nicked it and he's been given not out, we'll be referring it, even if it doesn't show up on Hot Spot. We can only back our instincts as we've been doing so far in this series. You can't try to second-guess technology."