car servicing, dealership vs general sevice workshops?

  1. justBOOSTit profile image49
    justBOOSTitposted 8 years ago

    car servicing, dealership vs general sevice workshops?

    hey earnest, it dave mate.
    from working in the industry, i found alot of people have issues regarding the servicing of their new or used vehicle, and whether the high costs that are acociated with dealership servicing, are actually worth it, would like to see your thoughts on the issue?

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    earnestshubposted 8 years ago

    Thank you for the question Dave.
    In many cases dealerships overcharge and under service. The industry often charge for incomplete servicing. I have been on the floor of the workshop in dealerships many times in the last 3 years when servicing their workshop equipment.

    I have personally witnessed mechanics in dealerships tick off service items without even looking, as they feel pretty sure it will not be noticed between services and they cannot stay within the alloted time for a complete service.

    To a fare degree the same problem applies to privately owned service workshops.
    The trick is to be able to tell at once if the workshop owner and mechanics are capable and have the intent of retaining the customer.
    I provide the means of sorting out who is who in my hub titled How to save thousands on car maintenance. You need to look at attitude first. If the approach to you as a customer is professional this is also an indication.
    I am fussy as hell with service as a motor engineer, because I understand what happens when all those bits rub together! (shudder!)
    I like to get references from other customers for major rebuilds on transmissions and motors.
    Turbo and high tech work is easier in a way as the industry has well known professionals.

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    lamonstersposted 8 years ago

    hmm im not Ernest but im assuming the question is open. i like to service my car with a third party mechanic because in a sense i trust him. i think most people like to someone that they feel like they know to service there cars. then its like they are recieving special treatment. its the same reason why people like to work with a handy man. i mean i used to go to this broke down place to service my car because my dad knew the guy and thus felt like he could be trusted. in some case i would say that a dealership service is beneficial. but ive taken my car to the dealership and  heard: "everythings fine"

    that was of course after being charged a small fee. i take it to my mechanic and hes like "this part needs to be changed." and he'll do it for a cheaper price AND when hes done i no longer have any problems.