How to prevent your car from overheating?

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  1. ss sneh profile image60
    ss snehposted 8 years ago

    How to prevent your car from overheating?

    Please try to give some practical tips

  2. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 8 years ago

    if your car is overheating in the first place, somthings wrong, if its overheating a little , water pump or thermostat, possibly head gasket or major problem   if its a lot., If only when towing weight, could be you need a transmission cooler , does it shift funny or anything else.

  3. TinaMarieTad profile image75
    TinaMarieTadposted 8 years ago

    Always be proactive to your car overheating by regularly checking the fluid levels in your car, as well as checking belts and hoses.

  4. midomssh profile image68
    midomsshposted 8 years ago

    well you must check coolant level if you dont have leak and over heat
    check water pump and fan clutch you will notice city driving over heat annd higway is ok
    if all is ok and overheat in high way and highspeed check type of your oil it is wrong type
    water pump failure cause small leak arround it due to bad sealing
    some overheating due to air pocket in the system
    to remove this air open radiator cap before starting and make coolant level ok then jack your car up from front side close to radiator cap side
    then warm up your engine 3 or 4mintues till thhermostate open
    and checkk your coolant moving then you will found that coolant level down abit after thermostate open
    if alll is ok change thermostate and radiator cap and test drive and check for loosing coolant again

  5. lt86 profile image61
    lt86posted 8 years ago

    Some practical tips, independent of your particular car.

    Always drive in the highest gear possible that the car will 'pull' in. Change up as soon as possible. These steps mean your engine will not be working as hard, so will tend to heat up less.

    Turn the engine off if you stop in traffic, particularly in hot weather, pretty much all cars rely on forward motion to some extent to get air flowing through the radiator - sittin still massively reduces the flow of cooling air through your engine's cooling system.

    Use the least possible electrical items on your car. Running air-con, heated screens, heater fan on full speed, and full-beam lights will all put a higher load on the engine, and tend to cause it to heat up more.

  6. gijay profile image78
    gijayposted 8 years ago

    Check and replace your rad cap.....I've chased an over heating problem for months....doing all the normal things, checking fluids, replacing rad, water pump, etc....the problem....a non-sealing rad cap.  A $12 fix...


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