Vehicle charging stations at work?

  1. lime light power profile image61
    lime light powerposted 7 years ago

    Vehicle charging stations at work?

    Would you be more inclined to buy an electric or hybrid electric vehicle if your employer installed a charging station at work?

  2. valiria profile image39
    valiriaposted 7 years ago

    Report text as determined by voice-to-text, if available: Is not going down the price of gas. That’s prompting more people to think about fuel efficient vehicles, like electric cars or hybrids, and as fox23?s walt mcclure reports, it’s also prompting the city of albany to make changes that will help residents and visitors. Pkg sot electric vehicles are more efficient, but the main problem with them is that you can’t go all that far on a single charge, so what the city of albany is doing is looking for a way to set up charging stations, especially for people who are traveling long distances. Sot albany’s position as a major juncture between boston and buffalo, new york and montreal makes it an ideal hub for the electric vehicle recharging infrastructure as we plan for regional adoption of electric vehicles. The city is getting about 200thousand dollars in state, federal and private money to study where and how to roll out charging stations as more electric cars hit the streets. Sot this is ch new technology i think it’s trying to be ahead of the curve and it’s not just albany but if you look around the country, lots of cities, lots of states, are trying to figure out, scrambling how do we prepare for this. Joel denooyer of denooyer chevrolet helped push for this becse the owners of the nearly dozen vehicles he’s sold will need places to power up especially since they can only go about 35 miles on a charge before switching to a gas generator. Sot it’s the right answer and the future for the car business, the automotive industry. Everything will have to move that way, with the dependency on foreign oil and the environment. Paul slazas is already noticing a difference, only three weeks after getting his chevy volt. Sot it’s about 37 miles one way, so i can get to work on electric and i can drive home on gas, so it still works out to . 8, . 7 gallons of gas per day. Sot now while you may see more electric vehicles on the road, don’t expect to see charging stations on your corner real soon. It’s going to take about 8 months to do this study, although they’ll start to put one or two out just to see how they’re going to work. In albany, wm, fox23 news. John congressman paul tonko also


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