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    John I Mcgovernposted 4 years ago


    Car was outta oil I filled it accidentally overfilled oil. Drove couple miles it was making noise. Sounded like fan hitting cover but think it was in engine. Anyway car died and just clicks. When I check dipstick I can tell oil being pumped but car won't turn over didn't run hot. Is engine blown

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    Lee Santosposted 4 years ago

    Knowing what kind of car would help. Generally most cars don't like being overfilled as it creates extra oil pressure.  When that happens seals get blown out and the internals (pistons, rods) are put under more stress then the manufacture intended.  If the car was out of oil then it's safe to say there was an internal or external leak somewhere.  The engine may have been over stressed from the lack of oil, then even more so from the added oil pressure.  Which also in turn may have caused the engine to seize from a broken rod or piston.  Because fluids cannot be compressed, the extra oil may have made it's way into your combustion chamber and caused the problem you have now. 

    What I gather from your question is that the engine won't turn at all, and the sound you are hearing could be a number of things from the engine internally.  The only thing you could try is to rotate the crankshaft to see if it actually moves.  If it doesn't make a full rotation and gets caught then yes the engine is severely damaged, but doesn't necessarily mean it's blown.  Depending on the obstruction internally you might be able to fix it yourself or with the help of a friend mechanic.  Assuming it's not a broken rod or piston of course.