I have water entry into the left rear passenger floorboard. It pools up inches d

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    Gragposted 16 months ago

    I have water entry into the left rear passenger floorboard. It pools up inches deep after raining.

    I have checked the door seal & etc in that area as well the trunk for water & wet or dampness, and any other areas in the car for signs of water entry.  The windshield has not been replaced & it does not have a sunroof.
    The headliner is dry & the seals around tail lights do not appear to leak.
    Is there any type of drain or area that could have become unsealed that goes down the the door pillar between the drivers & passengers areas  & behind the plastic interior trim pieces  where water could be draining into the floorboard  from the outside rain rail/ rain drain system above the window area

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    WheelSceneposted 12 months ago

    It sounds like you have been doing your research! My first suggestion was to check all the seals where windows and doors meet to see if there are any gaps that water could come in. Also you should check your vehicle's drains as sometimes dirt and leaves get in there and clog it up causing water to fall out of all sorts of places. It seems like you have been checking these places so next I would maybe look at the A/C system if you condenser is malfunctioning it could create a lot of condensation (water) that could be coming into the vehicle. This would only apply if you live in a very hot climate or you A/C is for sure not working.

    Ask friends and family for a mechanic they trust and have the vehicle diagnosed to see if it is A/C or a just a simple piece of rubber.

    Hope this helps.