I have a 13 Hyundai elantra and I recently hit a large boulder dead square in th

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    lys71posted 11 months ago

    I have a 13 Hyundai elantra and I recently hit a large boulder dead square in the front of the vehic

    vehicle cont...When someone cut me off...it was too large to fit all the way under my car, but did make it under maybe 18 inches max.. what's confusing is I went to reverse and the car wouldn't move..forward or backwards..i noticed fluid on the ground and also noticed my tire was blown. Can't really say the fluid had a color..very worried about transmission tho..I did need new tires badly. BUT also I don't remember hearing it blow out..really pray this is axle issue but no noises made when I had help pulling it off road.  ANY HELP OUT THERE?? THANKS MUCH

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    WheelSceneposted 11 months ago

    It is very hard to say what the rock did to your car. You should have the vehicle towed to a local mechanic you trust for an inspection if you feel it is unsafe to drive. If you feel safe to drive the vehicle do not accelerate hard or drive fast until your licensed mechanic has diagnosed the problem. It sounds like you may have scratched your oil pan causing it to leak oil or your radiator causing it to leak fluid. In the worst case you may have damaged your transmission which would make it not safe to drive until you understand what the problem is. You may and I advise caution when I say this want to contact your insurance for compensation if you end up needing 1000's of $ of work.

    I hope this helps you narrow it down, i'm sorry you had to experience this, it is never fun.

    Good luck and all the best