Brakes were making a rubbing noise and they charged me $170 for "slider service.

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    CherieYurcoposted 11 months ago

    Brakes were making a rubbing noise and they charged me $170 for "slider service." Was I ripped off?

    Full Brake/rotor replacement less than 1 yr ago. Brakes began making rubbing noise. (Car is parked in garage at work & at home.) Brought it back to same place and they charged me $170 for slider service due to corrosion. I've never had this done before on any car. I have owned my Subaru Forester 4 yrs. They tell me this is routine service every 6 months. Did I get ripped off?

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    ptosisposted 11 months ago

    YES YOU WERE!  The noise is just a little piece of metal that makes a sound for you to check brakes before ruining the rotor.  Please google how to check disk brakes - it is very easy, and easy to replace by yourself also.

    See that little groove? that's your check. First the groove is worn and the last chance warning it the little piece of metal that make squealing noise that reminds you that have to change brakes ASAP before damaging rotor.  and uh  .. change your mechanic -the guy SUCKS. I would post on compliant site so that others don't get ripped off.  Here is my story about getting ripped off here:

    You are not going to get your money back but at least get some emotional satisfaction for pitchin' a bitch.

    Oh, always ask for the old parts in the future

    So if you are riding the brake at all times and your brakes are truly worn out, sliding the little metal groove out is not a fix but yeah would have to change rotors if metal to metal.

    Park car with wheels cocked to one side. Remove tire, check through inspection slot for yourself.