I had the rear brake pads replaced on car, and after they were replaced they hav

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    jane newmanposted 12 months ago

    I had the rear brake pads replaced on car, and after they were replaced they have been squeeking.

    the brakes did not squeek before having the pads replaced.  the front brake pads were replaced a few weeks earlier, and they didnt make noise before or after.  I am not even sure it is the rear ones that are squeeking or the front.  I just know right after having the rear ones done, there is a loud squeeking noise every time I put the brakes on.  Can you maybe let me know what I could do to stop this noise.

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    WheelSceneposted 12 months ago


    There are many things that can make you breaks squeak.

    They are: dust, water/soaps, worn calipers, warped discs or also wheel bearings car cause a whooshing light scraping noise.

    You paid a shop to fix an issue with your car. If you paid money and still are having an issue or it caused a new issue, that is the first place I would go for an answer.

    It may also be as simple as dirt from a muddy or dusty road in your brakes causing the noise.

    It could also be a coating applied to the new brakes that needs to wear off from normal use to silence the grinding (less common)

    I would try washing the rims/wheels/brakes and that would remove any dust. Then if the car is still making noise but is braking like normal it may  be a caliper sticking. It is hard to say but I would get a second opinion from a shop you or a friend trusts.