WVO Centrifuge housing

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    jollygreenfuelposted 6 years ago

    In the WVO world, using a centrifuge to clean and dewater your oil is the cleanest, fastest, and most convenient way possible. The cost of a new centrifuge including motor, rotor and housing starts at $1300 from WVOdesigns.com.  I found another option.
    If you want to try to build your own housing you can save yourself up to $700!  I bought the motor and rotor from WVOdesigns.com for $620. They have plans on their page to help with the build. 
    I began by cutting a 10" disc out of a sheet of 1/4" aluminum. I then cut two 15" x 1 1/2" strips out of the 1/4" aluminum. I used a hammer and a block of wood to curve each 15" strip to a 10" diameter. I marked out the base disc where the ring would have to be and welded the ring to it.
    Then I cut two 20"x 4 1/4" strips out of the aluminum and curved them to a 10" diameter.  This formed the outer bowl.