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Get More Cash for your Car with Auto Detailing

Updated on April 17, 2014
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Spend a Little, Get A Lot

If you really want to get top dollar for that older model used car, auto detailing is the way to go. Whether you are selling your old car yourself through a newspaper or online advertisement or using it as a trade-in at a local dealership for a newer model, you can get as much as 50% more money for your vehicle if you take the time to have your car thoroughly detailed beforehand.

Simple Car Cleaning not Enough

Many of us believe that a simple car wash at the local gas station is going to be enough to attract the perfect buyer. But those automatic car washes only get the very obvious layers of exterior dirt and grime. And the average consumer is much savvier than we might think. They will be looking at every aspect of your vehicle, inside and out, and especially under the hood. They will be very, very critical, looking for any possible defect that they can use to barter down your asking price. A simple car cleaning is simply not going to get you the highest price.

Exterior Auto Detailing
Exterior Auto Detailing

Exterior Detailing

Many car owners are not aware of how extensive the exterior car detailing process really is. Professionals will actually go over every inch of your vehicle, not just the painted surfaces. The rims of our cars are now a huge selling point, and unfortunately these rims are well-known for their very intricate details, tiny crevices, and small grooves that a standard car wash cannot reach. Professionals will get into these tiny spaces and make them sparkle, not only on your rims but also on the grill work and all chrome around the vehicle. Special polishers will be used to return these metal surfaces back to showroom new.

Interior Detailing

If you really want to get the most money for your used vehicle in Calgary, auto detailing of the interior areas is going to really land the highest price. This is where the potential buyer makes his first impression about the personal habits of the current owner. A dirty car with dust on the dash, grime in the gauges, and bits of food and crumbs between the seats gives the impression that you do not take care of your vehicles. If you don’t keep them clean, perhaps you also forgot to get the oil changed and the brakes inspected. A highly detailed car cleaning is going to make your vehicle stand out from all the others that the potential buyer has already reviewed and inspected.

Motor Detailing

Motor detailing
Motor detailing

To the experienced car shopper, auto detailing of the engine may add thousands of dollars to your asking price. Most potential buyers will immediately notice any existence of oil or mechanical fluids as soon as they open the hood. Immediately, they begin to lower your asking price in their minds. A dirty engine is a sign of a poorly maintained vehicle, and consumers will want to calculate in the possible extra expenses of potential future mechanical repairs. A highly detailed car cleaning that includes the engine compartment is always going to land you top dollar.


From Our Auto Detailing Shop in Calgary

We own an auto detailing shop in Calgary, Alberta called Shine Revolution. If you really want to get the most money for your used vehicle in Calgary, (or anywhere) auto detailing can add thousands to the price. We love to hear your feedback on our lens.

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