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Harley Davidson Decals

Updated on September 1, 2010

Harley Davidson decals are required to complete the look of a Harley rider. From the most experienced Hells Angel to the guy riding out of the Harley Davidson store for the first time. Harley Davidson's are about staying original and custom decals are part of the experience as much as leathers, gasoline, and genuine Harley Davidson Helmets.


There are hundreds of different styles of Harley Davidonson Decals available, the most popular themes iof the designs are bald eagles and american flags.

Flames, skulls and wings (branching off the bald eagle aspect) are also popular. There is also a complete line of military decals including Army, Navy and Marine to show your support for our boys abroad. As well as Police versions.

Decals are available in different materials for different applications. Sticker Harley Davidson decals are suitable for some areas on the motorbike (like the tank, keep them away from hot areas or they will melt). You can use some on helmets too but be careful the chemical make up of the sticker doesn't effect the helmets integrity. Ask manufacturer for more information.

Another option is material decals that you can stitch onto your clothing to get that classic look. Be sure to use a thick needle (or get someone else to do it) to get through that leather though.


If you are going to apply decals to your motorcycle. You should ensure the area is finished correctly. This means get it as clean as possible. You can wax the area but don't lay it on too thick. You want the decal to stick to the bike and finishing lacquer of the paint, not the layer of wax on top of it really.

It is also an idea to make a paper cut out of the decal so you can size up and preview the position of the decal before you finalize your choice.

Custom decals are available at many stores and you can take your own template in to show what you want. Many people like designs available but want a different color for example.

As long as you stick to a couple of designs and not overdo it, you will make your bike look better. After all it's quite hard to make a Harley look bad! Once you've finished adding decals to your motorcycle, you could also consider getting a Harley Davidson Watch.


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