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HKS Turbocharger

Updated on December 19, 2016

HKS Performance Turbochargers

HKS is a Japanese company that was formed in 1973. Since its start, HKS has been involved with drag racing, JGTC, JTCC, F3, D1 Grand Prix, Super Bikes, and many other racing series. HKS produces some of the highest quality automotive aftermarket parts. From various engine computer systems, turbo kits, intakes and exhausts, engine internals and more, HKS has nearly every area covered.

HKS turbochargers are made by Garrett to HKS specifications. Some argue that when you buy an HKS turbocharger, you're buying a Garrett turbocharger for 2x its original price. In some cases this is almost true. However HKS turbocharger specs are not identicle to those of Garrett. In many cases, HKS specs its turbochargers for specific engines, displacements, and other factors. This allows HKS turbochargers to offer excellent performance.

HKS GT2510 Turbocharger
HKS GT2510 Turbocharger

HKS GT2510 Turbocharger

The GT2510 turbocharger is the smaller GT-series turbocharger available from HKS. What it lacks in size and outright power potential, it makes up for with unmatched transient boost response, and excellent reliability under even the most demanding conditions. The GT2510 is rated to output 300PS (or about 290 horsepower). Because of the GT2510's small size, it makes an ideal bolt-on upgrade for the Nissan Skyline GTR. Twin GT2510 turbochargers on a GTR will support up to 600PS.

The GT2510 is listed as a general application turbocharger, intended for those looking for moderate power levels with extremely quick boost response. Featuring a T3 flange and an internal wastegate, the GT2510 is an obvious choice for those looking for instant response and fat powerbands.

HKS GT2530 Turbocharger
HKS GT2530 Turbocharger

HKS GT2530 Turbocharger

The GT2530 turbocharger is a moderately sized turbocharger ideal for smaller displacement engines making up to 320PS. The GT2530 turbocharger is a popular upgrade for the Skyline GTR, where two GT2530's are utilized to support in excess of 600PS. The 2530 turbocharger may be limited to 320PS, however it packs a real punch in the boost response department. Much like the GT2510 turbocharger, the 2530 is suited for smaller displacement engines making moderate power, and is a direct bolt-on upgrade for the Skyline GTR.

The GT2530 is listed as a general application turbocharger, with a T3 flange and an internal wastegate. About the only negative feature of the 2530 turbocharger is its price tag - A whopping $2200.00 USD. If you can afford the price tag, the GT2530 turbocharger is an amazing turbocharger.

HKS GT2540R Turbocharger
HKS GT2540R Turbocharger

HKS GT2540R Turbocharger

The GT2540R is a ball-bearing GT-series turbocharger designed for significant ammount of power with excellent boost response. The 2540R is rated to output 360-370PS, while still delivering excellent response characteristics. The GT240R features a T25 flange, and an internal wastegate. It's not a direct bolt-on to the Skyline GTR, as the GTR's stock exhaust manifolds feature a T3 flange. The GT2540R turbocharger is, however, a direct bolt-on to the Nissan SR20 engine. The 2540R is a large turbocharger for the SR20, but is one of the best available in the mid-to-high 300PS range.

The GT2540R is a ball-bearing, water and oil cooled turbocharger, as are all HKS GT-series turbochargers. The 2540R is incredibly reliable and tough. It will handle all the compressor surge you can throw at it, and costs marginally less than the GT2530 turbocharger, coming in at $1980.00 USD.

HKS GT2835R Turbocharger
HKS GT2835R Turbocharger

HKS GT2835R Turbocharger

The GT2835R turbocharger is a high-horsepower turbo intended for use on engines that demand the best possible boost response. The 2835R comes in three different flavors. The GT2835R is rated at, depending on the trim, 380,400, and 410PS. The 2835R features a T25 flange, once again making it a simply bolt-on upgrade for the Nissan SR20. Starting at this point, the bigger GT-turbochargers are going to be laggy on smaller displacement engines. Ball bearing's and other technology can only spin a turbo up so quickly. It's a good idea to remember to upgrade your camshafts at this point, as your stock camshafts will be choking the power out of your setup.

About the only downside to the 2835R turbo is its pricetag. Coming in at $2070.00 USD, it's not for those who don't want to spend some money. If you can afford the pricetag, be prepared for some great performance.

HKS GT3037 Turbocharger
HKS GT3037 Turbocharger

HKS GT3037 Turbocharger

The HKS GT3037 turbocharger comes in three distinct sizes. The 3037 is rated, depending on which size you chose, to 420, 440, and 470PS. The 3037 features a T25 flange, and requires an external wastegate. The 3037 has been used in twin-configuration on Nissan Skyline's and Toyota Supra's, however those applications were primarily for top end power for drag racing and top speed runs. A single GT3037 turbocharger is ideal for two to three liter engines. Used on an SR20, the 3037 will be laggy, and won't do much in the early RPM's. Likewise, if used in a single configuration on a Toyota Supra, the 3037 turbocharger will be incredibly responsive, if not slightly lacking in upper-RPM power.

The GT3037 turbocharger comes in at $2280.00 USD. Despite its high cost, it's a very efficient and effective turbo.

HKS GT3240 Turbocharger
HKS GT3240 Turbocharger

HKS GT3240 Turbocharger

The HKS GT3240 Turbocharger is a big turbo capable of supplying equally big power. Featuring a ball-bearing center cartridge, it will spool faster than a traditional journal bearing turbocharger, but will still be laggy on any less than three liters or rotary engines. Given its large size, a single GT3240 turbocharger makes an ideal single-turbo upgrade for the Toyota Supra, Mazda RX7, and Nissan Skyline. It can be used on smaller two liter class engines, but it will be incredibly laggy, to say the least. The 3240 is rated to 580PS, and will flow every bit of that without hesitation. It's also a very robust turbocharger.

The GT3240 comes in at $2680.00 USD, making it expensive, but not quite out of reach of the ordinary car guy.


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