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How To Avoid A Traffic Ticket

Updated on September 25, 2014

Simple Ideas To Keep Your Traffic Record Clean

I have been driving for over 40 years and to date, I have not received a traffic ticket. That doesn't make me an expert, but there are some things that I know that have kept the points on my license to zero ! So I am sharing my thoughts on keeping my record clean !

The drivers that get the most tickets simply think that they are above the law. Sooner or later they get caught and shake their heads wondering how it happened.

And guess what? They all cost us money in the end ! Because our auto insurance is tied into the risk factors of everyone on the road ! So each of these infractions are eventually tied into the stats that raise or lower our insurance rates

One in every six Americans gets a speeding ticket every year -- that's about 41 million tickets a year and 100,000 tickets per day [source: Mr. Ticket].

Silly Assumptions That Drivers Make - Each if these may cause you money and points

You might think these theories are silly or even crazy, but some drivers think this way. Read through them to find out how many assumptions you make when you are behind the wheel

  1. The only cars that police drive are Crown Vics Ok so you never heard of unmarked cars. Oh come on
  2. It's ok to drive 5 miles over the speed limit-you'll never get a speeding ticket. Explain that one to the police officer when you get stopped
  3. I can always turn right on red Whoops, many accidents have been caused by that assumption ! And many a ticket has been issued. Make sure that you know the rules for the locality and state that you are in !

Do You Know The Traffic Laws In Your State?

You might think you know all about the traffic laws in your state, but I challenge your knowledge on the subject. Every state has common laws on traffic and driving, but every state also has it's own quirks. Bottom line, ignorance is not bliss !

What's The Cost Of A Traffic Ticket? - That could depend on where you live

Traffic tickets vary depending on the state where you live. Every state has it's own traffic laws. You may want to make yourself familiar with the specific laws in your state or the state that you are traveling in. Most states charge you a monetary fine, but you also may incur point penalties that may restrict or cost you your license.

Most sources say that the average cost of a speeding ticket is about $150 including court costs. The hidden cost of speeding tickets and other dangerous traffic infractions may appear on your next insurance payment ! When you are deemed a more dangerous driver, it's going to cost you more. Even if it does not cost you in insurance, it may cost you real money to attend a defensive driving course to erase your points over and above your fines.

Don't Tailgate

Following someone too closely is simply not safe, and can cost you. Remember, in most states, if you hot someone from behind you are at fault. Always allow at least one car length between you and the car in front of you. Know the laws in your state regarding tailgating and follow them. If you rear end another car, you will be held at fault even if he stops short !

Don't Speed

Especially If You Are The Only Car On The Road

Speeding is never smart. Anything over the speed limit is technically speeding. So you can get a ticket. But some things just call attention to you like:

1. Speeding if you are the lone on the road. Wow that's like putting a neon sign up and asking for the ticket.

2.Be like the crowd and as non obvious as you can. The police will nine times out of ten pick on the car with the bright colored sports car with lots of chrome out of a pack that might be speeding

Have You Ever Gotten A Traffic Ticket ?

How Many Traffic Tickets Have You Ever Gotten?

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Make Sure That You Having Working Safety Features

Don't Give Them A Reason To Stop You

I know it would seem obvious, but there are thousands of people getting tickets everyday for things like non working headlights, brake lights that don't work, rear license plates that are not lit, and temporary license plates that have expired. Be smart and check them all weekly. You should do a real check on these, especially if you are headed on an out of state trip. You might save a lot of money for those few minutes of your time.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss-Know The Traffic laws When Traveling

There is not one police officer that I know from any other state who will give you a free pass on a ticket because you are just driving through their territory. If you are traveling through different states, it's important to know the rules of the road in that area.

For example, I remember my dad who was a part time police offer in New Jersey telling me about a teenager who was driving in NJ and was doing a little speeding. When he stopped the young man, just to give him a warning, he asked for his license and registration, The young man had a Florida license, At that time, New Jersey had a higher license age than Florida. So that young man's license was invalid in Florida. The result was he could not drive in New jersey.

Know a few basics for any state that you are traveling in, assumptions could cost you money

Practice Defensive Driving

Keeping defensive driving in mind will keep you safe ! Not only will you limit your chances of accidents but you will keep road rage drivers away from you !

The Cost Of A DUI

Drunk Driving Lots More Than You Think

Ask anyone who has been charged with a driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while intoxicated. They will tell you how staggering the cost of their mistake truly was. The average cost of a DUI when you factor in is $10,000 or more when you factor in bail, fines, fees , legal costs car towing and insurance increases. And that is assuming that you have not caused any damage or injury.

And states have cracked down on drinking and driving-at least 50 states have lowered their blood alcohol level to 0.08% You have to ask yourself if that extra drink is really worth it.

The Easiest Way To Avoid A Traffic Ticket

It's simple and fool proof and oh so simple

Just follow the rules of the road where you drive !

The Dreaded Red Light Video Ticket

Running a red light. especially where there is a video camera can cost you any where between $50-$100 per violation, depending where you incur the offense. But more than that, it could cost you more in increased insurance rates. You could go to driving school, to balance the effects of this ticket, but that is a cost too. So, The best way to avoid this ticket is come to a full stop before you go through the intersection or make that right turn


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