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How to build an electric car for sale?

Updated on September 5, 2011
Homemade electric cars for sale.
Homemade electric cars for sale.

How to build an electric car base?

If you are just getting started to build an electric car for fun and as a hobby, you might want to start with an electric car base. The basic types are incredibly easy to build, operate and are very easy to keep on the road with minimal maintenance. While you will not get better performance or speed of an electric car base, you can practice driving, learn how to maneuver and most importantly have lots of fun at a low cost. Electric cars are usually assembled already with the electric motor and the frame. Most basic models permit to make minor changes to the tires and body. You can also apply funny stickers to your electric car. These cars are usually very affordable and cost less than 100 dollars.

Do you think building electric cars is really difficult?

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Hummer Electric Toy Car
Hummer Electric Toy Car

How to build an average electric car?

Average level of an electric car is a great choice for those who want to build their cars for their customers and want to get even more performance, specifically speed. These cars are generally more expensive and can cost from anywhere around 75 to 300 dollars. Hobbyists or professionals both can modify by adding or replacing specific parts of their electric cars including the body, motor, battery pack, wheels, tires, clutch, etc. In most situations, you have to install the major components to the frame and a large percentage of your components can be adapted and exchanged to your liking or your customer's liking.

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How to make Lithium Polymer Batteries for Electric Car - Really easy, isn't it? At least much more than manufacturing with sulfuric acid, or to make the chips f

How to build an advanced electric car?

Advanced electric cars will require the total assembly of car parts and every part of the electric car should be purchased separately, including the chassis, engine, brakes, tires, wheels, ECS, battery pack, differential, etc. The most advanced electric cars vary in price and it depends how much it costs you, but almost all the advanced electric cars require a first time investment of several 100 dollars. For selling advanced electric cars, it requires a lot of work on your cars to ensure that all the components are properly working and are calibrated and organized keeping in mind performance and speed of your vehicle.

If you are interested in the purchase of advanced components of making your own electric cars for selling or for fun, you must purchase the parts at a prominent hobby store in your area, as the common remote controlled toy stores do not have these specific components. For getting important instructions and learning advanced technical skills for building your own electric cars, it is a good idea to google for online electric car making forums and register with their community for example regarding information related to finding a prominent hobby shop. You will definitely find really good information from other remote controlled electric car making enthusiasts just like you. Best of luck...

Future of electric cars.
Future of electric cars.
Ideas for Building homemade electric cars.
Ideas for Building homemade electric cars.
Electric battery car
Electric battery car

So according to JakeAuto's link provided in the comment below, Tango electric car comprises of speed of a third generation motorcycle and safety and security of a sports car.

There are many other points, which make this car costly, but they are worth the money, here are some:

1.  Tango electric car is 5 inch narrower than many motorcycles. It is one meter wide. It works it way through high traffic just like a motorcycle which is it takes 20 seconds to travel a distance which a normal car could take 20 minutes to complete in high traffic zones.

2.  Tango fits in a 6-feet-half lane with better clearance than a truck.

3.  Tango reaches 60 mph from zero in less than 4 seconds.

4.  Tango has four times more side protection bars and many more safety features, which match it to a high performance sports car.


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