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26 ways to increase your car's mileage

Updated on May 16, 2015

Save for our future

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. Then why don't we follow some steps to save our vehicle's fuel. We all know and try to follow those steps, but while driving, those saving tips just disappear from our memories. We all need to remember, so that the next generation can use it. However, fuel saving says about a lot of things, both technical and practical things. Still, you can follow the under mentioned steps and you will definitely save some precious fuel for the next generation.

  • Drive your vehicle in appropriate to fuel economy mark. Today, every vehicle has a green marking on its speedometer. Try to drive your vehicle in that speed only.
  • Increase the speed of your vehicle gradually. Dont give abrupt changes on your accelerator. Stop slowly, it will prevent your vehicle's brake shoes from frequent wear and tear.
  • Warm up your vehicle for about 30 seconds, not more than. Warmed up vehicle consumes lesser fuel on driving.
  • Keep your vehicle's tyre pressure appropriate to standard manufacturer's guide. Appropriate tyre pressure can save around 3 percent of your fuel.
  • It is also known to you that accurate engine oil is also necessary to achieve fuel economy. Use appropriate engine oil according to your vehicle's user guide.
  • Ensure proper cleaning of your air filter. Clean air filter can save upto 10% of your fuel.
  • Shed off the unnecessary weight or baggage of your vehicle. Lighter vehicle consumes lesser fuel.
  • Change the driving attitude, wind up your requirements two - three trips.
  • Use good quality of fuel. Test your fuel at gas pump for satisfaction.
  • In winter, when its cold, fuel becomes dense. Fuel pump is measured by volume. So, if you pump in cold season, you get more fuel for your buck.
  • Keep your vehicle tune up with regular servicing and conditioning.
  • Switch off your vehicle engine on red light and prolonged stoppage.
  • You must know that the aerodynamic drag can also put burden on your fuel efficiency. The side mirror of your car produces drag which exerts pressure on your vehicle speed and hence the fuel economy is affected. So, you can take out your side mirrors if you are comfortable.
  • Drive with a calm mind, do not overtake others constantly. This may endanger your and others lives. Overtaking causes fuel consumption more than normal consumption.
  • Always increase the throttle gradually. It consumes less fuel as well as saves your vehicle's engine from extra pressure thus prolonging the engine's life.
  • Avoid excessive idling of the engine. Excessive idling consumes more fuel.
  • Change your fuel filter according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule.
  • Plan your trip and the halts in your trip and accordingly drive your vehicle in the planned manner.
  • Avoid unnecessary braking during driving. Braking decelerates the vehicle speed and then the vehicle again needs to be imparted a new force/ power to reattain the lost speed which consumes fuel.
  • Ensure proper cleaning of fuel filter periodically and change it if required.
  • Avoid fitting of unnecessary exterior accessories, it produces drag which results in less speed on road with respect to milometer.
  • Ensure cleaning of fuel injectors, as required, it is very beneficial in keeping your car's engine fuel requirement in appropriate level.
  • Ensure periodical pollution test also. This also has an effect on fuel economy on a long run.
  • Lubricate your vehicle's all lubricating points with good and appropriate lubricants according to the manufacturer's guide.
  • Vehicles with self start switch, do not accelerate more while fresh starting up. I mean you should give just enough thrust to run the engine. During initial start up of few seconds, more fuel is injected in the engine cylinder chamber. Gradually, increase the acceleration. So, the more acceleration you give, the more or extra fuel is burned than the required quantity. Thus, wasting some precious fuel.
  • Regular checks and maintenance of your vehicle keeps the health of the vehicle in good state. Thus, adequate quantity of fuel is used to drive your vehicle.


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