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iPod on Your Car Stereo

Updated on March 21, 2014

What Are They Called?

I have bought an FM transmitter for my car stereo system from Amazon. I only had a CD player in the car and I had cd's all over the place. So I set about looking for something I could plug my iPod into and hear the music coming out to the car speakers. I wasn't sure if these things even existed, I know most cars have built-in MP3 players nowadays but surely there must be some kind of device that can easily be fitted to do this job.

I clicked onto Amazon but I did not know what to type in the search box, so I just typed in MP3 player for car. Luckily for me Amazon did know what I was looking for, and a large selection was placed before me. I was amazed at how cheap these items were, starting from just six or seven dollars, they seem to do everything I wanted.

It seems that all you have to do is plug your FM transmitter into a cigarette lighter socket, connect the iPod, iPhone or MP3 device. Choose a frequency on the transmitter then tune the car radio into the same frequency and Bob's your uncle, your devices are now playing through your car speakers. I chose the lupo 5 in 1 that has a built-in charger, holder, and transmitter.

It was delivered within three days and I had it up and running in the car in less than two minutes. The sound quality is very good with no skipping or fading. I am extremely pleased with the product and would definitely recommend them.

Bye Bye CD Player

These things are amazing, The sound quality is as good as the CD Player and at these price's you just can't go wrong.

I think these things will make you say goodbye your CD player. When you park up, simply unplug your iPod,Iphone or any other device and take it with you.


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