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1,787 Built for 1999 Buick Riviera

Updated on January 11, 2018

Largest collection of 1999 Rivieras in the world


My original 1999 Riviera

Only until my original 99 Riviera began to get over 200,000 miles did I become educated about this magnificent automobile. I knew when I went to trade in for a newer one that Buick discontinued high end coupes and no more Eldorado coupes either. The US began the fuel conserve craze and did away with most 2 doors and replaced metal with air bags. Problem with reducing weight you reduce stability at higher speeds. Aerodynamically profile and weight gives this year Riviera great handling.

Old Red 222,000 miles and still going strong

Green Riviera 124,000

Believing that with the internet that it would be easy to find another 1999 Riviera quickly became an awakening. November 1998 is actually when the last Riveras came off the assembly line, 1,787 built. Of those built 200 were labeled Silver Arrows and numbered. I recently sold #60 to a wise gentleman from WI.

All original MINT condition

White Riviera

No sooner did I have the Green Riviera shipped from New York did I see this white beauty advertised locally. At some point in my life a wise person told me that value to replace anything you have should be your baseline. When I saw this car with immaculate interior asking peanuts I just had to buy it. Of course the sales person had no clue that less than 100 can be found in the world.

January 2018 having new 3800 Series II engine with innercooler installed plus other goodies to tweak this baby.

New Engine

Jacksonville, Florida one owner

Found this beauty meticulous maintained in Jacksonville. Decided to pull the engine and tweak it. All parts new including brake lines. Steel brake lines were used back in the 90s and over time will rust so all my Rivieras now have stainless steel lines.

New Engine

#60 of 200 Silver Arrow

With 4 cars comes the problem of parking them some place. For months now I have had to park a car down the road and hope that it would be safe in a somewhat secure parking stripmall.

Then I get an offer from a person that has inherited a Silver Arrow and basically wants to give it away, I bought it. Will not go into the detail description of the conversation the wife and I had when I showed up with car number 5.

As luck as it both for me and the buyer the Silver Arrow got sold almost immediately.

88,000 miles

Secret to car collecting

Secret to car collecting is to buy before the car becomes a collectible. After 5 years of searching I have found less than sixty 1999 Rivieras. I am too old to not believe that in the not to near future the last year Riviera will be more sought after than it is today, try finding one.


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  • buck3647 profile image

    The Real David Pressler 3 months ago from Planet Earth

    And if you look at the high end coupes today their design is very much like the old Riviera

  • WheelScene profile image

    WheelScene 3 months ago from U.S.A.

    Nice! Thanks for sharing such a detailed review of the Buick Riviera, I remember being stunned by this body shape when I first saw it.