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Mapquest Classic Driving Directions Explained

Updated on September 1, 2012

What is mapquest Classic?

Mapquest is perhaps one of the most trusted and reliable online source of finding driving directions and maps.As this site was getting popular, mapquest decided to add new features and interfaces to their site.In the process of development they changed the total outlook of the site, which may users are not comfortable with.That is why the old interface called mapquest classic is still more popular to its user.

Both the feature of mapquest:-driving directions and maps-can be accessed online at no cost. Mapquest's main business is providing mapping applications to business and consumers. Everyday day one in five Internet Users in US use Map Quest and each month over millions of people around the world visit for getting mapping solutions, which covers almost every road and street our planet.

How to Find Mapquest Classic?

Despite the fact that Mapsquest has advanced their site interface features, many mapquest users still love to use the classic view.If you need to see mapquest in classic view then after visiting the main site, you will see a link for classic view at the bottom-left of the page. Alternatively you can see the classic view by directly going at:

What you can do with MapQuest?

  • Free Maps
  • Free Driving Directions
  • Latest Gas Price
  • Mapping solutions for Your Business

How to Find a Location in MapQuest Classic?

Whether you need to find a map or need a driving direction to a place, you can use the easy classic view of map quest. To find a particular place on the map go at :, and then click on the “Maps” tab. Next, you have to type the “Address” , “city”, “state” and “zip code” and then click on “get map”. If you want to find a particular business, then you need to fill the “Find a Business” option along with other required fields. For example, you need to find a book store in Denver, Colorado. In the “find a business” option type “bookstore” and write Denver and Colorado in the “city” and “state” fields respectively. If you know the zip code then put it, otherwise no need to mention it. Now, click on the “get map” option and within a few seconds you will be presented with a list of bookstore addresses in Denver, Colorado.

If you want to see the aerial map, then click on the “Aerial Map” option, on the right side of the Map. For viewing traffic status, click on the “Traffic” bar, just beside the street map option.

Getting Driving Directions:for getting driving directions to a particular destination, at first go at and then click on the “Directions” option and fill the options given at “Start” and “End” fields, and then click on “Get directions” button to get a complete driving direction to your preferred destination.

Classic View of Mapquest

mapquest classic
mapquest classic | Source

For those who don’t like the classic view: If you don’t like the classic view then directly enter the to see the new mapquest site and then on the left panel, you will find “get directions” and “Get Map” option. Click on any of the two to find what you are actually looking for with mapquest. This normal view has one great advantage. On the top of the map option there are some icons for hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, coffee-shop, pizza, bar, shopping, movie theater etc- this option will help you find those particular items inside your map-just click any of those icons to include that particular thing inside your map to become visible. If you still want to see the classic view, look at the bottom of the left panel and click on “go to classic MapQuest”

Map quest route planner

For a long distance journey, there may be lots of stoppages and you may be looking for to reach your destination within the shortest time possible. In such scenarios, it is advisable to use the route planner-it is not the same as driving direction. The main advantage of using a route planner is that it can show you the quickest way, the shortest way, toll free way, traffic free way, highway free route and many more to optimize your travel time. To use the Map quest route planner, you have to go at:

Map quest Mobile solutions

If you want to see maps or want to find driving directions in your smart phones- iPhone or Blackberry-then you can download the mapquest mobile apps from their site. It’s both easy and free. Once you have this mobile apps you can find maps, driving directions and even can search for a local grocery and many more- in simple words the world will be at your finger tips. More details about this app can be found at:

map quest mobile
map quest mobile

Mapquest Toolbar

If you are a frequent users of the most of the features of Map Quest, then there is an easy way out-just download mapquest toolbar to integrate MapQuest into your web browser. It will take a few seconds to download it in your computer and works with both Internet explorer and Firefox and compatible with most of the popular operating systems such as Windows Vista , XP and Mac/OS.To download this toolbar you need to go at:

Mapping Solutions

Mapquest's strength is its business solution. They can provide you advanced mapping applications for your business and to have it you have to contact them personally. They mainly offer geospatial web solution and some robust range of tools to help design your mapping apps to fit your business needs.

Map Quest is around in the mapping business for more than 40 years and for online mapping solution they are one of the pioneers in the world. Keeping this in my I use their free mapping and driving directions with confidence and trust.

Which online route planner is the most user friendly?

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    • Milla Mahno profile image

      Milla Mahno 3 years ago from Florida

      Nice, nice... Could learn a trick or two about mapquest driving directions here

    • profile image

      Rosemarie 5 years ago

      Why is it when system works -- it has to be changed?

    • profile image

      notrightnowrosie 5 years ago

      i want classic mapquest back, also.

    • profile image

      22tall 5 years ago

      Present Mapquest Classic as a Prominent first page web site option! It is not Broken--Don't Fix It!!

    • louromano profile image

      louromano 5 years ago

      A beautiful article and one well noted.

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    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 6 years ago

      Map quest is more popular with the US drivers.I've been writing hubs about travel route planners and covered most of the European travel route plan sites.I think mapquest is simply the finest route planning tool we can think of so far.thanks a lot :)

    • profile image

      Jalus 6 years ago

      Very helpful information. I wasn't aware that mapquest offered business solutions. Good to know. Thanks!