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Let's Talk About Moped Motorcycles

Updated on September 20, 2014

Moped Motorcycles

What is cooler than a Moped? Okay, maybe there are a lot of things cooler than Mopeds but they are still really cool. Every time I see one in town or on television, I can't help but smile.

Moped motorcycles have been popular all over the world for many years. The original mopeds were really just bicycles with a motor to "assist". They weren't motorcycles at all. They were also called "pedal assist" because the motor assists the rider in pedaling.

They are easily recognized by their strange appearance. They have a low cut frame that allows the rider to easily step through and mount the moped. The is unlike their larger motorcycle cousins which require you to swing your leg over like you are getting on a horse.

Many of the early moped motorcycles required you be be moving before the engine would start. You could start pedaling and then engage the motor or you could give it sort of a push start.

Moped motorcycles are fun because they are lightweight and fuel efficient. They lost their popularity over the years but with gas prices on the rise, I'm starting to see them popping up on the streets again.

There are even some companies that are making new Moped motorcycle models! Some use little gas engines and some use electric motors.

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photo courtesy of

Moped Motorcycle Legalities

In some municipalities there aren't any restrictions on riding a moped motorcycle but this is not common. Some cities require a drivers license if the motor is over 49cc. Some cities don't allow them at all. If you intend to ride one, make sure that you check the local laws first.

Modern Mopeds

Many companies are making modern mopeds. These are stylish and offer many features that earlier mopeds did not have such as electric start, turn signals, storage compartments, and some with electric motors.

I'm always jealous when I see someone motoring along on one of these modern mopeds. I live in the country but if I lived closer to town I would definitely ride a moped to work.

Moped Motorcycle Safety

Mopeds can move at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. That's plenty fast to be seriously injured. A moped rider should always wear a DOT approved motorcycle helmet when riding. Bicycle helmets will not adequately protect you at these speeds.

Keep in mind that motorcycles are difficult for motorists to spot. Mopeds are even more difficult to see than motorcycles due to their smaller size.

While riding a moped motorcycle, all of the same traffic laws that apply to other motor vehicles apply to you. Don't get in the habit of thinking that because you're "only" riding a moped that you get special privileges.

You should be aware that many roads are off limits to mopeds. It's unlawful to ride a moped on interstate highways everywhere in the US. These little critters simply can't go fast enough. They create a safety hazard for both you and other motorists.

Before riding a moped motorcycle, make sure you fully understand how to safely operate it. Remember a 30 mile per hour crash can really reek havoc on your body should you crash.

Mopeds Provide a Different Viewpoint

If you get the chance to ride a moped, jump at it. They are a lot of fun and you'll see the world in entirely different way than you would from the inside of an automobile. Mopeds don't use as much gas as cars and trucks so you'll be helping the planet while having a blast.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Moped Tuning

While many municipalities only allow you to ride a 49cc moped, you can squeeze a lot more out of you scooter with a little moped tuning.  Mopeds and scooters have stock engines on them and surprisingly enough, many companies manufacture parts to soup up your moped. You can make them faster.  You can make them sound cool.  You can even make them get better gas mileage.  So spend a couple of bucks and tune that moped up!

Cheap Mopeds

You can find yourself a cheap moped buy purchasing online.  There are a number of online moped dealers.  You will likely have to pay shipping unless you live close enough to pick it up.  This is a good option.  Most people don't even think to ask about this option and most dealers don't offer this as an option.  One good thing is that mopeds are small and light so you can generally have them shipped for not too much money.  By this I mean that you can usually still save money even when you have to pay the shipping if you purchase online.

Another way to find cheap mopeds is on Craigslist.  Craigslist is the largest online classified directory.

Moped Accessories

There are many moped accessories to choose from when you buy your moped.  Even if you already have one, you can still add a lot of stuff to it.  If you have a vintage moped, you'll have to order the accessories from someone online if you want the original parts.  Some accessories that you can get for you moped are.

  • Saddle Bags
  • Louder Horns
  • Brighter lights
  • Cargo Baskets
  • Better tires
  • Flags for visibility
  • Water bottle holders
  • Sealed Cargo containers
  • Decals

What ever accessories you buy for you moped, have fun and be creative.  With accessories, you can really make your scooter your own.

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