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Moving Containers

Updated on September 27, 2010

Have you ever wondered about some of the certain things that make moving a little easier for the average person? Let's face it, moving is not everybody's favourite thing to do by any stretch of the imagination, so anything that can make the process a little easier and less hassle has to be a good thing, right?

Well, one of those great ideas are moving containers, which are just what you need to make a frustrating and difficult process into a simple one. After all, making a move needs to be as stress free and hassle free as possible for all concerned!

Moving containers come in many sizes for a variety of applications, from small, reusable packing containers right up to large, walk in moving containers that you can place your furniture and other large belongings into. Let's look at how this works.

Moving Containers, What are They?

A moving container is something a transportation or moving company can drop off at your home or office or business premises. You then pack it with your goods, after which the removal company comes and collects it. The options after that are that they can store it for you at their depot or warehouse, or move it to your new destination for you.

Whatever size of container you opt for, it should of course be the right size for the volume of goods that you want to move or store. The moving transport company can usually help you with this by suggesting the right size for you.

So whether you are residential moving furniture, moving house to a different town or state, or international moving overseas, making use of a container makes life a lot easier, especially for families. You'll still need moving supplies such as moving blankets to protect furniture items, moving boxes to keep all your small items together. But being able to stow everything into a single container that removal and storage companies can easily deal with is so much easier than doing it the traditional way!

The Advantages of Using Moving Containers

There are some useful advantages to making use of a shipping container in contrast to using a traditional moving service.

  • The first is that you can pack your own belongings at a pace to suit you without the pressure that a same day collection or delivery places you and your family under
  • Similarly, when you move in to your new premises, a moving container allows you to unpack your goods at your own pace and not feel pressured by removal men walking your stuff in and out of your new home or business premises while you try to organise where everything goes.
  • If you need to place your inventory into storage for a period of time, there is no additional cost of loaders taking all your goods off a truck and stowing it in a warehouse or storage facility, then at the allotted time for moving into your new premises loading it all back onto a truck or trailer then transporting your goods from the storage facility to your new place.
  • Your belongings are kept safely together within the moving container and because the larger ones have a lockable door or roller shutter, you have that additional level of security

Being portable, a mobile storage container differs from a shipping container in size and the fact that it usually incorporates a roll up door. Moving containers can be delivered and kept at your home or business premises, then when full, collected and stored in a storage facility or warehouse. It can also simply be moved directly to your new home or business premises.

The process of simply packing just once and then unpacking just once completely at your convenience means less stress, hassle and time constraints. There are no additional truck rental costs. A moving company will collect and deliver the moving container using a level lifting system making the process so simple and also preventing the contents from shifting.

Now doesn't that sound like the kind of move you'd rather encounter?


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  • Ken W K profile image

    Ken W K 7 years ago

    I've moved 15 times with moving trucks, portable storage containers is the way to go! Really takes the stress out of the pack, load and stay organized piece as you pointed out in your article. I checked PODS, 1800PackRat, Door to Door and ZippyShell ( ) and found Zippy to be the lowest cost currently.

  • Authorite profile image

    Authorite 8 years ago from UK

    Hi Rachel, glad you found the info useful!

  • profile image

    Rachel 8 years ago

    Thank you for this article about moving containers. I used them for my move and it made my life much easier. I called PODS, SAM, Big Box and Door to Door ( ) for quotes, and I found that Door to Door had the best prices for my move. I highly recommend this service- it is way easier than using a uhaul truck for a move!