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1991 Dodge Stealth - Mystic Blue Dodge Stealth

Updated on April 21, 2011

I finally decided I need to sell my Dodge Stealth, I don't want to but I cant afford 2 cars.

My entire life I have had an obsession with sports cars. I have owned a camaro, transam, mustang, thunderbird, and a corvette. So when my brother phoned me last summer and asked if I wanted to buy his 1991 Dodge Stealth I jumped at the chance to buy it. I live in PA and he had the car in NC, so i went to the bank that very day he called and went to the bank and got a loan. I called into work and left that night, before he changed his mind.

I have owned the car around a year now and i must say its been one of my favorite vehicles. Most likely because of all the attention i get from it. Although its not the most comfortable car to ride in, with the hard leather seats. The seats also get hot in the summer but I use seat covers.

There has been a few repairs i have had to make. The ball joint went bad and had to be replaced. Apparently the local parts stores could only get the whole kit, that had the control arm and such, and they wanted $500 for it, and the control arm wasnt bad.. I almost flipped. So i decided to look on ebay. One of ebays sellers had just the bearing for only $50. What a relief. Thank you ebay!! Then I had to replace the wheel bearing on one side which is only $60 and my husband changed it so I didn't have to pay labor. The car has 200,000 miles on it so i guess its expected that i am going to have to replace some parts., but i still love my car. I always say i wont ever sell it, although you never know if the right price was offered to me.

A few weeks ago my clutch started leaking fluid. After looking online, I found that the part that was leaking was called the clutch damper. I found some information that stated it was an unneeded part. My husband then bypassed it as i told him to. Now the clutch has never worked better.

i love my rims
i love my rims

Clutch System

Since buying this car I had problems with the clutch system. It was leaking and causing my pedel to go all the way to the floor. I kept having to refill it with fluid everyday. i found out it was leaking on the clutch damper. After some research i found out that cars do not need this part. We removed this part and hooked the lines to each other. My clutch never felt so good. Id say to anyone having a clutch damper to remove it. They are more trouble than its worth.

BEWARE of Scammers buying your car!!

It seems like every time I turn around someones trying to scam me. A few months ago I listed my car for sale on Pennswood in PA. A young kid and his mother stopped to look at it, a few days later his whole dang family came to look the car over, the mother, father and girlfriend. They said they wanted to buy it. From the get go they seemed very shady and didn't seem to have much money. The vehicle they came in was a clunker. I didn't really believe they would come up with the 2500, that I was asking for the car. One thing that should have raised a red flag was they had to wait for a check to come in the mail before they could buy it. When they got the money, I had to write 3 recietes to them for the car. One was for a dollar, so they didn't have to pay sales tax on the car. The other two reciets where for 500 and one for 2000. They stated they had to have the other two receits because they had to account for the money, making me think welfare payed for this car, how fair is that, I have to work for my cars and people in the state of PA can get a car for free with no job. It was either welfare payed for it or they sued someone else and got insurance money.

I recieved a bunch of texs from these people last night, after they have had the car for about two months that they are going to take me to court for the repairs or I could just pay for the car to be fixed and it would be a lot cheaper. Truly I believe they are welfare scammers who had wefare pay for the car and they want the repairs done for free. Who buys a 17 year old car with over 200,000 miles and doesn't expect for there to be any repaires, plus when I sold it to them I informed them it needed a right wheel bearing, which you could not hide as it made a VERY loud banging noise as you drove it. The father took it for a test drive it the parking lot next door to our house. They didn't seem to care at the time they purchased it because they stated they were going to put it in the school shop class, so they drove away on the road with it with no insurance, inspection and it wasn't registered. I think they had every intention on buying it and trying to get money from me to fix it up. They claim they have to put $1000 into the car for major repairs, which I don't believe but even if it needs that amount of money, that's not a lot of money on a 17 year old car. Well, maybe if you are on welfare and don't have an income but in such a case one shouldn't buy a car that needs repairs without a job to pay for it.

This us unreal especially when the rims alone are worth 3,000!!! Although It pisses me off when people try to scam me I know when you buy a car in the state of PA it is "AS IS", you can't buy a car knowing it needs repairs and then try to sue or blackmail the seller into paying for it.


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