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NOCO Genius G1100 6V/12V Automatic Battery Charger and Maintainer

Updated on April 23, 2013

Charging Car Battery, Noco Style.

You don't have to be Einstein to charge your motorcycle or car battery, but a Noco Genius helps!

Our modern lifestyle means that our leisure interests often include things like motorcycles, cars, jetskis and similar equipment with either 6 volt or 12 volt batteries. Keeping them safely and reliably maintained through long periods of disuse is often challenging.

Or it was until the Noco Genius G1100 was invented.

Want to know more?

Please read on.

You Get What You Pay For?

Sometimes You Get A Little More

If you have bought, used and discarded numerous car battery trickle chargers in the past, you are not alone. One happy user said that he was utterly sick of buying battery chargers until he found the Noco Genius G1100.

Like many market leaders, the Noco Genius G1100's success is due to innovative design and good build quality.

The fact that it is light and compact makes it easy to store and transport. This is great for motorcyclists, because they can store it in their saddlebags.

It charges batteries twice as fast as other chargers. And, you can leave it on indefinitely and know that your battery will not be over-charged.

Designed for 6 volt and 12 volt batteries from 2.2-40Ah, it maintains all battery sizes.

Why Do Most People Call This A Smartcharger?

Answer: Because It's Brainy!

At the heart of the Noco Genius G1100 is a VosFX processor. The VosFX's intelligence is able to change the charge process based on feedback from the battery.

When you first turn on the Noco Genius G1100, it performs a self-test.

Then, as it is charging your car or motorcycle battery, it decides what the battery's current needs are and adjusts its output accordingly. It senses and shows a number of charging variables whist it is charging - % of charge completed, charging stage, errors.

It can even charge a dead car battery or a dead motorcycle battery.

If the input current from your mains supply fluctuates, the Noco Genius G110 still achieves a complete full charge.

It then switches to a maintenance cycle to keep the battery fully charged, without overcharging. So, you can keep the charger connected as long as you like.

Charging A Car Battery - The Noco Way

Tips On Charging A Car Battery

  1. Ensure the battery terminals are clean.
  2. Check that the cells are filled with distilled water to the required level.
  3. Attach the alligator clips lightly to the terminals (or use a cigarette lighter connector).
  4. Locate the charger as far away from the battery as possible.
  5. Attach the red cable to the positive battery post and the black cable to the negative post.
  6. With other car battery chargers you need to make sure that the charger voltage is set correctly. With the Noco Genius G1100 this isn't necessary - it sets the voltage automatically.
  7. When the battery is charged, switch off the charger first, then remove the cables from the battery.

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Dr Noco At Your Service

Medical doctors use an age-old principle when looking after patients - diagnosis then treatment.

The NOCO Genius G1100 does the same. It's "diagnostics" feature establishes the health of your battery and adapts its charging process accordingly.

It can resuscitate or repair an unhealthy battery whether it is completely discharged, sulfated or damaged. It does this using a method called "pulse charging".

It charges wet, gel, MF and AGM batteries safely and quickly.

The Noco Genius G110 is designed for complete safety. Its design incorporates protection against reverse polarity, short circuit, open circuit, sparking, overheating, overcurrent and overcharge.

The One Car Battery Trickle Charger For All Seasons

And The One Motorcycle Battery Trickle Charger You Will Ever Need

The 6V/12V 1100mA Fully Automatic Battery Charger and Maintainer comes with everything most people will need to get their car, motorcycle or other battery charging right away.

Some people may need an extension lead or a cigarette connector to make charging even easier. Fortunately they are inexpensive and readily obtainable accessories.

You can find them here:

1) Extension lead

2) Cigarette connector

Or you can find them below.

Charging A Car Battery - Please give us your opinion.

Which of the following features of car battery trickle chargers is most important to you personally?

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