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Review of Carbon Fiber Tank protector for Honda CBR250R

Updated on September 6, 2014

When I purchased my new 1998 Honda CBR600F3 in February 1999, the tank bra was all the rage for protecting the paint on your sport bike's gas tank. Times have certainly change in thirteen years. When I purchased my new 2012 Honda CBR250R in March 2013 tank bras were no longer in vogue and have since been replaced with stick-on tank protectors. It could be that the geometry of the new sport bike's gas tanks does not give good points which to secure a tank bra.

There are many tank protectors on the market, I chose this particular one because of its cool carbon fiber look, the fact that it was emblazoned with CBR250R, the model of my motorcycle, and it's favorable reviews on Amazon. My Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Tank Protector Pad showed up about a week after I ordered it. The tank protector was secured to the shipping box with spray on adhesive. The back of the tank protector is covered with plastic to cover the adhesive coating that attaches the tank protector to the gas tank.


The first thing you need to do is clean the area where the tank protector is to be applied on the tank with degreaser such as denatured alcohol. I use a degreaser product used for auto paint preparation. Next use masking tape to mark the edges of where the tank protector is to be applied. Use a tape measure to make sure that the tank protector is centered on the gas tank. Measure one more time just to make sure! Next heat up the area where the tank protector is to be applied with a hair dryer. Do not use a heat gun, a hair dryer will provide just enough heat. Also heat up the tank protector with the hair dryer so that it is more malleable. Start by peeling the plastic from the bottom part of the tank protector and apply adhesive side to tank. Slowly remove the plastic and work your way up the tank applying the adhesive side of the tank protector to the tank, using the hair dryer to keep the tank protector flexible. One you are satisfied with the placement, use your hand and fingers to smooth out and remove any air bubbles.


I was very happy with this Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Tank Protector, it applied easily to the tank of my Honda CBR250R. The tank protector protects my tank and looks great! I would recommend this product to any Honda CBR250R owner!

Pro Grip Wheel Tape Strip Stripe Reflective Red
Pro Grip Wheel Tape Strip Stripe Reflective Red

I have applied this wheel detailing tape to the wheels of my Honda CBR250R. It really looks great on the silver painted wheels!

Classic Accessories 73807 MotoGear Motorcycle Indoor Dust Cover, Sport
Classic Accessories 73807 MotoGear Motorcycle Indoor Dust Cover, Sport

This high quality dust cover keeps my Honda CBR250R clean when I am not riding it.


Great instructional video on installing a tank pad on a Honda CBR250R!


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    • sousababy profile image


      5 years ago

      Oh, it's crucial to clean the area first (to remove any grease) and heating up the tank protector (to make it more pliable) is an excellent tip. We learned similar things in prosthetic class.


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