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Review of New Honda City with Smooth Engine in 10 Lakhs INR

Updated on June 23, 2011

One of my friends just bought a new Honda City iVtec M/T black color in approximately 10 lakhs INR. I got the opportunity to try my hands on the New City when I went to his house in Gurgaon. Though I had driven the old Honda City too but the interior quality and material along with color were not up to my level of expectation from Honda, but the transformation Honda has done with the New City is amazing. New Improved City has:

  1. A smoother engine.
  2. Better seat fabrics.
  3. More sober color scheme for interiors.
  4. Improved fit and finish.
  5. Enhanced exteriors.
  6. More power delivery and maneuverability.

Honda City ZX 2007 Black - still shining like a brand new one
Honda City ZX 2007 Black - still shining like a brand new one | Source

Last month, I drove Honda City ZX Vtec which was highly comfortable but was short on power and engine smoothness, but man, the New Honda City is just a blast. Though it has only 149 Newton meter of torque which on paper is the least among all petrol sedans in its class, but in real world, New Honda City has world-class smooth engine which all Honda engines always have been by default. In fact, Maruti Ritz has 190 Newton meter of mammoth torque at much lower RPMs, I felt New Honda City pulls cleaner and stronger than even the brilliant 1.3 DDiS from lower RPMs, but it happens only when the turbo kicks in and you feel the surge of power in Maruti Ritz, but by then, New Honda City has already shot past it without making any noise from the engine.

Honda City ZX Black Posterior View Shot
Honda City ZX Black Posterior View Shot | Source

All in all, New Honda City’s smooth 118PS engine is something you can believe only when you drive it. Much better drivability than the Last Generation Honda City and it has real power delivery.

Honda City Enhanced Dashboard and Black and Red color leather seats
Honda City Enhanced Dashboard and Black and Red color leather seats | Source
Honda City IvTec Seat Covers
Honda City IvTec Seat Covers | Source

My friends are flattered by the New Honda City in all aspects including approximately 10 lakhs INR cost, fit and finish, exteriors and interiors quality, steering maneuverability, power, torque, on road visibility, music system, engine noise, etc., except for the tire profile and quality that Honda gives. Come on Honda, you design such beautiful machine as a City with a smooth engine and then make it look like a victim of Polio by giving such low profile tires. Honda car buyers do not want 25 kilometers per liter from their cars and giving at least 196 profile tires will not reduce the fuel efficiency by great margin. And if Honda thinks about cost, then come on, if you will increase the price of your cars by 5000 INR and give sticky wider rubber, no genuine Honda car buyer would mind to pay. Your city car sales will not go for a toss. Hope someone in Honda R&D or Honda Product Planning is reading this. Least but not last, New Honda City iVtec is a great value for money car at 10 lakh (plus minus).

Honda City Black
Honda City Black | Source


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    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      @Bryan, thanks for your review buddy.

      @otomotifplus, no it is wrong friend. Honda City is a good fuel efficient car.

    • otomotifplus profile image

      otomotifplus 5 years ago from Jakarta

      Some sources says doesn't efficient in fuel consumption, it is right?

    • profile image

      Bryan 6 years ago

      Honda City is car which is extremely efficient and has all the high quality materials attached to its interior. The exterior is amazingly good.