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Roadhawk GPS Car Tracking Systems

Updated on July 16, 2011

GPS Car Tracking Systems: Car Black Box Recorder

GPS car tracking systems can be fitted to your car and they will record every journey made, including video.

You can replay all journeys your car makes, showing where your car went, at what speed, watch the video of the drive as well as tracking it on Google maps - it's like a car black box recorder.

GPS car tracking systems have a lot of uses and are used by individuals and companies to keep an eye on their vehicle. If you regularly leave your car with airport parking companies, then you never know what they're doing with your car after you've handed over the keys.

If you have an expensive car and you drop it off at the garage, how do you know if they'll take good care of it? I was out one night when a friend stopped off to chat to us, driving a top of the range Porsche. It wasn't his and he was aged about 20. The car had been left with the garage he worked for to have some minor work done on it - yet here he was out, late at night, on the streets, driving it around with his friends to "impress" people. I'm sure that goes on a lot.

If you take your car to the garage and note the mileage, then come back and there's an extra 50, or 100 miles on the clock, what can you do? Tell them ...? You have no proof, they'll say they did the work and that was it ... leaving you to feel cheated and angry.

A GPS tracker system will literally keep track of every journey your car makes, meaning you can see for yourself where it's been and when.

Watch It!

Garage Mechanic's 125mph Joyride In Customer's Car

One high profile case was when a customer dropped off their Vauxhall Monaro at their local garage to have the radiator fixed. He noticed an extra 100 miles on the clock. He challenged the garage and they denied anything.

But this canny customer had previously fitted a Roadhawk GPS Tracking System to his car, with full video. So all he had to do was replay the video - and then play it back to the garage. The Roadhawk black-box recorder had literally recorded the entire journey. Times, route, speeds.... with full video. No denying it now, eh!

The video shows the driver overtaking cars and lorries on the A435 Alcester Road between Redditch to Portway in the United Kingdom.

The 5.7 litre Vauxhall Monaro has a top-speed of 170mph and is a winner of Top Gear's "Best Muscle Car" award.

GPS car trackers are a great car innovation.

Benefits of GPS Tracking Systems

There are many reasons you might want to install a road safety (TEDR) camera system into your vehicle. There are benefits for individuals as well as fleet managers looking to cut running costs and risks.

  • A GPS tracking system can provide strong evidence in event of a non-fault road traffic accident.
  • GPS tracking systems can significantly reduce the time it takes to settle a claim.
  • GPS tracking systems have been proven to modify driver behaviour - people speed and drive badly/dangerously because there's no evidence.
  • GPS tracking systems can reduce fleet costs; they can ensure drivers are abiding by company rules as well as ensuring they're not doing private jobs or trips on the quiet.
  • GPS tracking systems can usually be fitted in a few minutes by any user.
  • GPS tracking systems are removable and can be removed in seconds.
  • You can use one single unit in many different vehicles.
  • The tracking system is "Always On" 
  • Days of data and video can be stored in a single SD memory card.
  • GPS Data clearly shows the car speed at any point of a journey (or accident event) 
  • Using a Google Earth overlay, GPS mapping shows exactly where the vehicle has been, and how long the journey took.
  • GPS units can work on a cigarette lighter, or be hard-wired.

Car GPS systems Photo by mroach
Car GPS systems Photo by mroach

Photos by:

GPS: mroach


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    • earner profile imageAUTHOR

      Dedicated Content Curator 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks Tempramental for pointing out some really useful ways that the Roadhawk GPS Car Tracking System can be used to prove that you were or weren't somewhere at a particular time. I hadn't thought of this at all, but really this is probably where the strength of the product lies.

      There have been an explosion in the number of unscrupulous accident claimers in recent years, where people pull in front of you and slam their brakes on, then sue you for expensive repairs and whiplash - and you're right, a Roadhawk system video would instantly show what happened! Genius idea.

      There are also a lot of cowboy clampers in the UK, with people being given parking tickets and demands for car parks they weren't in, or weren't in for as long as the ticket says - and, yet again, you're right - a Roadhawk GPS video would show exactly when you arrived and how long you stayed etc.

      Thanks for sharing those ideas with the readers.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'd love one of the new ones, but I have an old original one. The times that it has recorded, and proved things were not as peoples memory at the time were wrong has been invaluable. To prove I was not in a car park, and getting charged for being there. The customer who sat where there was not a seat and slagged me off, microphone got her. But I swear by these machines, a friend has gone and got a cheapy car video, but they do not show the detail that Road Hawk does. If you want proof that it was or was not your fault, Police and insurers are very happy with this system, and when more popular will be a reduction on car insurance for cars with them fitted. Be prepared for these unscrupulous 'accident' claimers. You might be all alone but these Road Hawks will back you up

    • EleanorL profile image


      9 years ago

      Modern technology is really wonderful. Yes! Thanks.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      9 years ago from London, UK

      This sounds a great gadget and useful. I will tell my son about it Thank you


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