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Stanley 300 Amp Jump Starter

Updated on February 9, 2013

No More Fumbling With Cables With The Stanley 300 Amp Jump Starter

The Stanley 300 Amp Jump Starter is just the ticket when you need a portable car battery charger. This reliable jump box charges more than just a car too. The reviews state other buyers of this model of Stanley Jump Starter use it for other battery operated machines as well.

Because of it being so compact and lightweight it was the first in the family that I looked at for my wife to carry in her vehicle. You can read more about that story here of how a Stanley Jump Starter Could Have Saved Me...

Stanley J309 300 Amp Jump Starter

STANLEY J309 Jump Starter: 600 Peak/300 Instant Amps
STANLEY J309 Jump Starter: 600 Peak/300 Instant Amps

Like I referred to in the introduction, a Stanley Jump Starter could have saved me the headache from getting that frantic call from my wife that our car wouldn't start in the carpool line at school. I wish I had found this review before that day.

What to look for when you buy a Stanley 300 Amp Jump Starter.

Jump starts your vehicle's battery without the need of another vehicle

Reverse connection warning provides audible and visual alarm

Alternate 12 Volt power source for power outage emergencies or charging needs

270� Pivoting high powered LED emergency light 12V

Tough durable housing with heavy duty metal clamps

You won’t need another car’s help

The Stanley 300 Amp Jump Starter is ideal for roadside emergencies and safety. This is the chief benefit of owning a portable car battery charger like this Stanley model. No matter where you are, should your battery fail to start your car you always have a backup plan that will help to get you going quickly and safely.

This jump starter delivers 300 Amps of instant starting power and includes a no-key auto off function preventing charge loss or clamp heat when not in use.

Connect it right the first time

With the audible and visual alarms featured you’ll never get the connections reversed. You don’t need to stress about which connections go to which battery post. The jump box will tell you if they are incorrect.

Need to charge another item in an emergency?

Don’t get caught in a situation where you may be stranded and your phone’s battery lost charge too. With the alternate 12 volt power source you can charge a phone, laptop, or use it as another temporary power source while stranded or in a power outage.

You’ll never be left in the dark with this Jumper

It is delivered to you pre-equipped with an attached high powered LED emergency light that pivots nearly in a full circle. Imagine having to jump start your car battery in the dark and having a difficult time seeing while connecting the clamps or checking your engine for some other failure. Never again with this model in your car.

Compact and manageable easily describes this jump starter

The Stanley 300 has a tough and durable housing in case of slips or drops. The heavy duty metal clamps provide a snug and secure connection while delivering its charge and easily stores on the unit when not in use.

It only weighs about 8 pounds so if you can lift a gallon of milk; you’ll have no trouble maneuvering this. And the built in 120 volt AC capacity recharges the unit using a standard extension cord. Everyone has a 100ft orange one lying around the garage.

How much should you expect to pay?

The list price on the Stanley J309 was found at $114. The most consistent pricing we found is on Amazon who consistently offers it at the $49.00 price.

What comes shipped in the box?

You get the unit with attached cable/clamps and the attached 270 degree pivoting LED light

Warranty information

It is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ONE (1) YEAR (unless otherwise stated) from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser. If there is a defect and a valid claim is received within the Warranty Period, the defective product can be replaced.

Stanley 300 amp jump starter
Stanley 300 amp jump starter

More Review Comments For This Jump Starter

What others are saying about the Stanley J309 Jump Starter

  • "I bought this for both of my sons for Christmas. It has already saved the day for both of them, and saved a service call and tow truck. Works wonderful and charges easily. Good price, too."
  • "What is there to say? I bought the product, used it, it works great. It's very simple to use, I would feel comfortable letting my daughter/girlfriend/nephew etc who didn't know ANYTHING about jumping a car using this. It's incredibly simple, so you can't mess it up. Very pleased!"
  • "I use this to jump the mower, ATV, watercraft, etc"
  • "This unit has an on/off switch. My old one didn't so the terminals were 'HOT' all the time."


Most say that it works as advertised, but needs additional cord for charging. I am sure you can spend a little more for more bells and whistles but it does what it is intended nontheless.

Where can you read more Stanley 300 AMP Jump Box reviews?

Here is a link to other reviews. It is the best place to read more about this Stanley 300 AMP Jump Box is from people who actually already bought one and use it in their home.

Image credit: Stanley 300 Amp Jump Starter

Tell us your story it might inspire someone to prepare themselves by getting not just a Stanley 300 Amp Jump Starter but any brand of jump box that will get them going fast.

Have you ever been stranded by a dead battery - and needed a jump starter

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