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Nobody Cares About Your Stick Figure Family Car Stickers

Updated on April 3, 2016

Anti Stick Figure Family Decals and Stickers

You've seen those cutesy stick figure family decals on car windows. Have you ever sat behind one in traffic and thought, "I don't care how many stick figures are in that family"? I sure have.

Then I was driving home from work one day and spotted the Chainsaw Nobody Cares sticker pictured to the right. The sight of a chainsaw wielding guy wearing a hockey mask like Jason from the Friday the 13th movies and chasing down this family of stick people really cracked me up. Yeah, I have a twisted sense of humor.

Now you can have the last laugh and place an anti stick figure family sticker on your car or truck window. These funny stickers come in several designs including dinosaurs and zombies. They'll show everybody else stuck in traffic how you feel about the many stick figure families that seem to be taking over our roads and parking lots.

Go ahead, put one on your vehicle and share the laughter with other drivers. They'll be glad you did.

They also make fun Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!

Chainsaw Stick Family Sticker

This one is my favorite. I laughed out loud the first time I saw it on another car and it still cracks me up. It's unexpected, bizarre, well drawn and just plain funny. What more could you want? The baby stroller is a nice touch, too.

T-Rex Dinosaur Eating A Stick Figure Family Decal

Even dinosaurs like to eat these annoying figures. Of course, T-Rex likes to eat almost anything. Or maybe he's using them for a toothpick. Hard to tell.

Your Stick Family Was Delicious T-Rex - Vinyl Decal Sticker
Your Stick Family Was Delicious T-Rex - Vinyl Decal Sticker

Forget about asteroids or ice ages. Could eating too many crunchy twig people be the reason why dinosaurs are extinct?

It's possible...and another reason to dislike them.


What Kind of Stick Figure Family Is On Your Car?

What Kind of Stick Figure Family Is On Your Car?

See results

Monster Truck Decal

Have you seen how much damage monster trucks do when driving over cars? Imagine what one could do to a bunch of sticks. My money is on the truck.

Where To Put Your New Sticker

After you've selected one, it's time to apply it somewhere. These are perfect for car windows since that's where most pictures of stick families are also found. But anywhere with a hard surface that will be seen by others is good.

Other good places include:

  • Laptop or tablet computer
  • Toolbox
  • Locker
  • Cooler or lunch box
  • Garage wall
  • Clip board or notebook

If you're putting it on your car and the rear window has a low slope, it might be hard for other drivers to see it due to glare. Consider placing it on a side window so it can be easily seen and read on the road. You don't want anyone to get in an accident trying to read it.

Zombie Stickers - We Ate Your Stick Family

Zombies love the crunch when biting into a stick figure. Can't get enough of them. These are a good way to show your love of zombies and your disdain for stick families all at the same time.

WE ATE YOUR STICK FAMILY Decal Zombies Window Funny Vinyl Decal (Come with Zombie Hunter Permit Decal)
WE ATE YOUR STICK FAMILY Decal Zombies Window Funny Vinyl Decal (Come with Zombie Hunter Permit Decal)

Zombie families like to spend quality mealtime together gnawing on stick figures. Even their undead dog is in on the action. He looks hungry, too.


Fighter Jet

The next time I fly somewhere in a commercial airplane, I'd like to put one of these on the window. The TSA would probably freak out though. This would make a funny gift if you know a real fighter pilot. They could put it on their plane.

What Is Your Favorite Anti Stick Family Sticker?

What Is Your Favorite Anti Stick Family Sticker?

See results

How To Install Your New Decal

After deciding on a location, you'll need to apply it. Here's a short video to help you apply your decal correctly to the window. It's easy, just take your time and follow the steps in the video.

Alien UFO

Even other intelligent beings from outer space are confused why so many humans are putting all these stick people on their vehicles. Yes, the whole universe is laughing at us.

How To Remove a Stick Family Sticker

We all make mistakes. Maybe you weren't feeling well one day. Maybe your spouse did it to be funny (it's not). But someone put some stick family decals on your car and you want 'em off. Now.

Here's an easy way to remove any vinyl decal from your car window.

These Make A Fun Gift!

Even if you don't want to put one of these stickers on your car, you probably know someone who would.

Go ahead and surprise them with one. They'll get a good laugh out of it.

I recommend the chainsaw or dinosaur versions.


Pseudo Legal Mumbo Jumbo

No stick figures were harmed in the creation of this site. Honest.

But it was tempting. Very tempting.

If they had been harmed, we'd have the photos, video and/or amateurish line drawings here...and they'd be funny.

Do you care about anyone's stick figure family? Why?

If you have a stick family sticker on your vehicle, please share why. Like the aliens, I really want to know why.

Do you think they could potentially jeopardize your family's safety by telling the bad guys how many kids and pets are in your house?

Please leave a comment below...

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    • JessicaLVine LM profile image

      JessicaLVine LM 4 years ago

      lol... I think I like the stick figures but I don't have one.

    • kaseyrivenburgh profile image

      kaseyrivenburgh 4 years ago

      Really nice and hilarious.

    • erbeaz profile image

      erbeaz 5 years ago

      I like the stick figure families.

    • profile image

      BlackFridayBestPrice 5 years ago

      Good idea for Sticker on car windows. So fun

    • MacPharlain profile image

      MacPharlain 5 years ago

      @anonymous: People don't always think about safety when following the latest cute trend.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I find it odd that these people, many of whom I'm sure are privacy advocates would happily tell home invaders how many people and how many dogs they might encounter in the house.

    • profile image

      CatJGB 5 years ago

      Hahaha, love these! I cannot see what the stick figure family craze is all about, but I could totally stick one of these on my car! I'd go with the zombie one, hehehe!

    • mattwebber profile image

      mattwebber 5 years ago

      Really nice and funny. Thanks :)

    • HeatherM2 profile image

      HeatherM2 5 years ago

      haha, I've never seen one of these before! Funny :)

    • bikerministry profile image

      bikerministry 5 years ago

      Saw one the other day that until I got up close I thought no one has that many kids in that van, then as I focused on the figures 4 or of them were dogs and cats, only 2 or 3 kids! Poor van. Funny topic, blessings.

    • flycatcherrr profile image

      flycatcherrr 5 years ago

      The first time I saw one of those stick family decals, I thought it was something to do with a local business - maybe a daycare facility - or perhaps a church youth group. Then I started seeing them everywhere, and ceased to care. ;) Love the zombies one.