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Tata Aria Launch Priced from 12.8 to 15.5 lakhs

Updated on July 31, 2011

Tata has finally unveiled its much-awaited Tata Aria, which is launched as the first crossover in India. Defining Aria as a new breed, Tata has made this product available in three trim levels and even the basic model has ABS with EBD, 4x4, tubeless Michelin tires (initially only Michelin is available), alloy wheels, 2 tone interiors (upper version have 3 interior color options), storage space in roof, music system with bluetooth connectivity, AC vents for all three rows, and much more.

This Tata vehicle has been priced from 12.8 to 15.5 lakhs in North India region and for other parts of India, add another 30 grand. Tata Aria top model has fully automatic climate control HVAC, leather upholstery, company fitted GPS navigation system, glove box chiller, cruise control, ESP and TCS, and reverse camera guide.

Tata Aria looks promising and much better made and finished compared to any other Tata product till date. Prices are a little on the ambitious side considering it as a Tata product though the price is well justified if you look at the list of features but then it is a Tata product the name which gives birth to a lot of doubts on its initial quality and power train quality.

Tata Aria pics 2010 red color
Tata Aria pics 2010 red color | Source

Engine is the same one as fitted and doing duty in Tata Safari, which happens to be a 2.2 Liter DICOR unit with Variable Geometry Turbo (Variable Turbine Technology as Tata calls it) pumping out a healthy 140 PS and 320 NM of gut wrenching torque from 1700 to 2750 RPM.

The only downside of Tata Aria’s engine is its gruff sound and low peak torque range as experienced in Safari Dicor.

But I personally feel that when Tata had not taken anything from any other product to put into Aria, they should have gone for a completely new engine too. They could take advantage of their association with Fiat and dig out a brilliant 1.9 Multijet with same level of power with much better and cleaner tail pipes.

All in all, this new Tata product is worth watching for, considering the fact that Toyota, a competitor of Tata, is also working on the replacement of its ageing Innova.

This is the reason why Tata has given serious attention in the quality department for Tata Aria and has loaded it with features to the gills which has set a benchmark for Toyota to better or match at the least.

Tata Aria Launch date October 3 2010
Tata Aria Launch date October 3 2010 | Source

Now go through Tata Aria ex-showroom prices in New Delhi

Tata Aria Pleasure 4X4 Bharat Stage IV in Black and Beige Color, Fabric is approximately Rs 1290901

Tata Aria Prestige 4X4 Bharat Stage IV in Black & Beige, Fabric, Black & Plum, Leather, Black & Black, Leather are Rs 1413001, Rs 1450001, and Rs 1450001 respectively.

Tata Aria Pride 4X4 Bharat Stage IV in Black & Plum, Leather, Black & Black, Leather are Rs 1550000 and Rs 1550000 respectively.

  1. All prices mentioned above for Tata Aria are Ex-showroom.
  2. Local entry tax and other taxes will be extra as applicable.
  3. According to the Tata Aria website, Aria prices can change without notice.
  4. Tata Aria buyers need to reconfirm the prices with their local dealers, as prices can be revised.

Tata Aria Interior Pics
Tata Aria Interior Pics | Source
Tata Aria pics Close view
Tata Aria pics Close view | Source


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    • profile image

      aruna 6 years ago

      very nice vehicle

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      No, I don't think so. Nano and Aria belong to totally different segments and Tata being a big player will manage this well.

    • Madama profile image

      Madama 7 years ago from Harrisburg PA

      Do you think that Tata's recent recall on Nano will have any effects on the sale of the brand new Aria?