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The Best License Plate Back Up Cameras

Updated on November 12, 2012

License Plate Back Up Cameras

Are you looking for a license plate back up camera? Then look no further! I've put together this page to help you find the right rear-view camera for your car, and to provide links to where you can get good deals on them online.

One of the best safety features on newer cars is the license plate back up camera. These accessories provide a wide-angle view of the area just behind your car that you can't see while backing up. This not only makes pulling out of parking spots in tight lots easier, but can be vitally important if there are small children or pets nearby.

It's relatively easy to retrofit any car with a back up license plate camera, especially if you already have a GPS system. Most aftermarket license plate cameras are made to simply plug into the screen on your GPS unit, and display the license plate camera image on the same screen that your directions appear on. Other units include a screen, and will probably be your best bet if you don't have a GPS (click on Complete Back Up Camera Kits below).

Keep reading to see more info on the various kinds of license plate cameras that are available. If you see on you're interested in, you can click on it to get more information or buy one!

license plate back up camera
license plate back up camera

My pick for Best License Plate Camera

The CMOS/CCD Car Rear View Camera (E322) is my pick for the best value for a license plate back up camera. It has everything you need to get started (minus screen), and provides a nice 135 degree view at the rear of your car. This model simply uses the screws that mount your license plate to mount the camera as well.

At only $22.99 with free shipping from Gadget Town this is one of the simplest, cheapest ways to add a back up camera to your car.

wireless license plate camera
wireless license plate camera

Wireless License Plate Cameras

A wireless license plate back up camera will cost a bit more than a regular version, but is a very easy to use solution. These cameras don't need a direct, wired connection to the screen, but rather transmit the signal wirelessly to a receiver, which then displays the image on your GPS.

One good option for a wireless license plate camera is the 2.4G Car Wireless Rearview Backup Camera for GPS. This unit includes the camera and receiver, as well as the cable to connect the receiver to your GPS. At $56.99, it's a bit more expensive, but the ease of use and installation, as well as the simplicity of going wireless, may tempt many to select this option.

wireless back up camera
wireless back up camera

Complete Backup Camera Kits (w/screen)

If you don't own a GPS or other usable screen for your car, you can still add an aftermarket license plate camera to your car by purchasing a kit that includes a screen.

These kits are fairly reasonably priced, considering all that you get in them. This enables you to add a back up camera to literally any car. Check out some available models below.


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