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Tips for Buying a Used Motor Bike

Updated on June 25, 2011

It is very important to check several things before going ahead to buy a used motor bike. From overall appearance and condition of the bike to authorizing registration papers from the transport authority, buying a used motor bike is an art. So below are a few tips for buying a used motor bike:

Tip #1: Check with a good and reliable bike mechanic (not one who is selling to you) and examine the engine and condition of all other parts. If the vehicle is in running condition and needs service and/or parts replacements, then get rough estimate for work. You can price a used bike based on the current market prices of that bike model in your location and the rough estimate you get from the motorcycle mechanic to restore the second hand motorcycle.

Tip #2: Before buying a used bike, check whether the RC, insurance, and tax papers are current. On completion of 15th year from the first registration and then completion of every 5 years, vehicles should be shown to RTO where the vehicle was registered for FC or re-certification and to remit taxes. For that the insurance must be up to date. To update those things, you have to pay FC or re-certification fee, green tax, road tax (if the vehicle is not under lifetime road tax scheme), insurance, and fine for previous lapse if any taxes are not paid in time.


Tip #3: Most important thing before buying second hand motor bikes is checking the engine number and frame number with RC and insurance papers. The engine number and frame number will be there in the RC with registration number and year of registration. Crosscheck engine number and frame and chassis number and registration number between RC and the vehicle.

Tip #4: Check if the vehicle is either owned or hire purchased. If it is hire purchased, it requires NOC or no objection certificate from the financing bank.

Tip #5: At last when a used bike deal is finalized, get forms signed by the owner of the vehicle as per RC for transfer of ownership of the vehicle, Form 29 in duplicate and Form 30 in duplicate and separate form for insurance transfer.

Tip #6: Present owner's name, address, photo, and signature will be on RC. You can verify the signatures of forms with RC.

So above were a few tips to buy a used motor bike in a safe and legal way. These small tips can help buy a used bike of your choice that is free from any legal formalities.


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    • profile image

      RAVINDRA KUMAR VERMA 3 years ago

      Really valuble tips! Actually I like only scooter of lml nv.But I want buy a second hand above said scooter.I want to by it from delhi.How can I make it easy?Is it possible or not?please exlpain it.