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Character Traits or Attributes that the Employers are looking for

Updated on October 30, 2012

The employees will make or break a business or a company. So it is very essential to select the best available job applicants. In choosing the employees you need to develop a keen eye to assess people better.

Here are some of the desirable traits or attributes that should be present in potential employees so you can make the most of your workforce. The most likely or

  • Have a positive attitude. A good employee must be positive thinker and has the habit to think and come up with solid and sound decisions at all times. A good employee should never give up and willing to give his best in all of his endeavors in a company or in a business.
  • Be willing to learn. A good employee should be willing to grow with his work and colleague. If the job calls for attending seminars and acquiring necessary skills, then he should be ready to learn.
  • Have a beginner’s mind. That means someone who is open to the employer’s perspective, desires and directions.
  • Be coachable. To grow further in a work environment one must be easily taught of the basic and advance skills that he needed to cope up with his daily tasks.
  • Be motivated this will enable you to work well and at the same time be productive. Try to emulate the positive work habits of successful people around you and draw inspiration from them.
  • Be willing to work within a team. Be a good team player, be open to other people’s ideas and do not be ashamed to showcase and share your talents and skills.
  • Get along well with others. No one is an island and before you knew it you will be in need of the help or assistance of your colleague. Be cheerful, appreciate and celebrate the success of your colleagues, do not get envious or jealous with your coworkers and do your best to be kind, rational and considerate in a work place.
  • Be open to change especially if it this will set the stage for improvements.
  • Have leadership skills. If you want to prosper in your work or would like to have some promotion then it is about time to make your bold move on top. Learn about on how to be a good leader by reading books or by searching in the internet. Then use your newly acquired leadership skills in office to impress your boss and colleagues. Doing this will surely propel your career to success!

Thanks a lot for the read folks!

My seventh article in the Hubchallenge…


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    • William Beale profile image

      William Beale 5 years ago from Woodbridge

      When we focus on GOD; we have so much wealth to look forward too!!!

    • emilgen2011 profile image

      Gener and Emily Geminiano 5 years ago from The Land Where Salt is Abundant

      Thanks a lot for the kind words, you can pull through I know, just keep on cheering up and keep on giving a great fight at all times...

    • William Beale profile image

      William Beale 5 years ago from Woodbridge

      That's Great stuff!!!

      I spent 19 years in the fast food industry, GOD had prepared me for this recession situation but I went out on my own a got lost in the wilderness...