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Is the Customer always Right?

Updated on December 29, 2012

We are in an era where competition is cut throat. Now, either the dense population is to be blamed for the above or Inflation. Either way, a business needs courteous customer support, so that each customer can leave happy and content and that is a full proof guarantee that this customer will be back.

Customer Service is becoming an essential element in all kind of businesses that thrive today in the market.

There are some ground rules for Customer Support such as:

  • · Always wear a smile until the store hours.
  • · Patiently help customers to find the product in different aisles.
  • · Be near the phone and receive queries about their product sold and listen patiently to their customers no matter how loud or soft-spoken they are.
  • · Have a logbook to record the complaints and make sure to return their calls when a solution comes up.
  • · Sense the feeling of customer dissatisfaction and throw in something more.

Even with the best of customer service, there are times when customers are not happy with the service of a business and talk ill.


None. Because a customer has the money to make the purchases thus, even if he is wrong, he is right.

Instance 1

Many businesses offer a 30 days trial period of their product with money back guaranteed. Customer comes back with the product all broken and apart on the 29th day.

When customer representative asks what happened to the product, he replies, “did not like the product.”The customer representative could have argued asking, "If you did not like the product, why did you have it for 29 days? How has it fallen apart?"

But instead, gave his money back without any questions.

Customer is not right, but he gets his money back!

Instance 2

Customer goes shopping for groceries and accidentally drops the jar, which breaks and splashes the product all over. When a customer representative approaches him, the customer highly confidently says, “This mess was there even before I arrived.” Technology has made all thriving businesses put cameras in their shops. This incident can be seen on tape. The customer is not right, but the associate accepts it and gets help to clean the mess.

Instance 3

A customer arrives in a restaurant and orders food. When the food arrives, she calls on the waiter and insists that the food on the table is not what she had ordered. There is a couple of unpleasant exchanges between the manager and customer. Finally, customer wins even if she is wrong and gets a free meal.

Instance 4

A customer rents a room in a resort. She enters the room finds the room spick and span and starts to unpack her bag and put her stuff in the cupboard. When she puts her bag down, she notices a bug on the bed. Now, she is all frantic and calls room service. The associate comes in and tries to make amends by suggesting that maybe the bug came from her bag. But, the customer refuses to agree with it and threatens to voice her incident publicly once checked out from this resort. Things get ugly. Even if, the customer is wrong, she is right! She gets a free night stay.

There are ALL kinds of people on this planet. Unfortunately, businesses cater to all of them.

Shout Out to unruly Customers

Unless you are self sufficient to grow your food, make clothes, and be totally independent to be by your self. Refrain from such a behavior.

You are Social Animals and you ought to be decent and show respect for businesses cause it’s a reversible reaction, and just as they are dependent on customers to survive, you need the commodities to live.


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