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The Basic Questions as to the Formulation of Development Plan

Updated on April 19, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.


There are three critical questions in the formulation of the development plan to ensure the implementation, monitoring and evaluation in the organization :

(1) Where are we today ?

(2) Where do we want to go ? ; and

(3)How do we respond today to where we want to go for tomorrow?

This provides the organizational review of the accomplishments and performance in the past; the current development direction that needs to settle along the paradigm shift of the organization; and the future of the organization as to the utilization of effective and efficient measures to achieve the organization goals.

Question 1 : Where are we going ?

In the formulation of development plan, it has to identify the strategic environment through the SWOT analysis. The management support has to identify the internal and external environments as the presentation of the development projects and programs of the organization. It must also identifies the organizational goals, vision, mission and objectives in the preparation of the documents needed to identify the medium and long range plan to increase the level of productivity and performance of the organization.

The organization has to respond the internal environment to the manpower, money, and management to identify the organizational weaknesses/ problems and the organizational strengths. This is the organizational basis to address the priority programs to prevent further reduction of the organizational productivity. The organization strengths present the sustained development to use for the further enhance the organizational productivity.

The critical part in the organization is the possible effects of the external environment that provides the interdependence in the societal system to survive the growth of the organization. It has to respond the current societal needs as the stakeholders , clients and the entire organizational system depends on it. It has to depend technological, social, cultural, political and religious factors to survive the societal system.

Environment Scanning for Human, Economic and Management Resources

The development plan has to consider the SWOT analysis in relation to human, economic and management resources.It has to identify the situation analysis as to the current condition in the internal and external environment to properly address the development concerns and issues of the organization. This will be the basis to identify the organizational direction of the development plan as to answer the next questions on : (1) Where do we want to go?; and (2) How do we respond today to where we want to go for tomorrow?.

A) Human Resources.

There is a need to recruit and train the competent human resources to optimize the organizational support on the technical, operational and conceptual skills to maximize the productivity and performance of the organization.

Organizational Weaknesses .The development plan provides enough professional development programs, updating of professional knowledge through continuing education, and executive management program. This will update and enhance the management capabilities and skills in doing the specialized jobs in the organization

Organizational strengths. The competent personnel provide the training support to further enhance the capability of the organization as it will increase the performance and productivity.

Organization Opportunities. The public relations and diplomacy of the organizational personnel have the strategic opportunity to promote organizational stability and productivity. It has to provide the dynamic public relations to the stakeholders, clients so that the marketing, promotion, and organizational stability will always be there to exist in the societal system

Organization Threats. The dysfunctional relations in the societal systems may produce entropy and strategic threat particularly those with strained dealings with government officials. The organization may be at risk as to the public transactions as there is always a connection with the political system. The technological development likewise produce strategic threat as the organization defines now more on information technology and other technological equipment needed to sustain the organizational growth.

B. Economic and Financial Resources.

The income must have higher level of net profit and with efficient and effective way to reduce the cost of production to operate in dynamic order of the organization. It has to monitor the income statement, assets and liabilities, income flows and income fluidity to ensure the financial viability of the organization.

Organization Strengths. The highly profitable organization with sound financial management provides better strategy to compete on capital intensive market. It has the high financial viability to further support the compensation of the organizational personnel with very competitive salaries and wages, honoraria including the utilization of high level infrastructure support such as offices, buildings, facilities and equipment.

Organization Weaknesses. The low level of financial management may result to the possible bankruptcy and the poor compensation packages for the organization personnel

Organizational Opportunities. The organization linkages and partnership wil surely result to better grants and assistance provided to enhance the financial support .

Organizational Threats. The global recession, inflation, devaluation, and other forms of economic slowdown produce great effect in the organization.

C. Management Resources

Organizational Strengths. The management system provides the responsive organizational operations, systems, processes that optimize the organizational productivity. It has best management systems and processes that need to be sustained to put into effect with the other environmental variables.

Organizational Weaknesses. The management system is not productive as the organization systems, processes and structure have interdependent reactions that need to be changed to responsive the internal environment. The organization development (OD) needs to respond to produce the best alternative measures to execute in the internal environment.

Organizational Opportunities. The public relations ,partnerships, and linkages have responded well in the external environment. It has to sustain its momentum once produce a better result in the all angles of the environment particularly the political and economic factors.

Organizational Threats. The management must respond and alter some parts to reduce and even prevent the isolation and atrophy in the external environment. It has to fulfill the external environment obligation as the reality in the management of the organization.

Question 2 : Where do we wan to go ?

The organizational planning as to the situational analysis and the strategic scanning will give an opportunity to the list down the possible best alternative programs and projects for the medium and long range activities.

1. It has to implement the organizational goals, vision, mission and objectives as the basis to understand where do they want to go in managing the organization.

This is usually done by the participation of the management to come up with the blueprint of organizational goals to provide the quality assurance for all the personnel and staff to drive them to work better in the office. It secures the quality management approach to satisfy the stakeholders and clients of the quality services.

2. It has to introduce new operational administrative measures to sustain the organizational productive and respond the environment affecting by the organization system.

There is a need to review the operational administrative measures to provide them the concrete and concise way to attain the organizational goals. It has to integrate those strategic strengths and weaknesses, however, respond in new strategic management way to address the weakness and threats to ensure the smooth operation the activities in the organizational system.

It has to integrate the existing resources with dynamic organizational measures such as new management goals, leadership and approach as combined with the acquisition of resources and logistics to produce and enhance the organizational productivity and performance.

Question No 3: How do we respond today to where we want to go for tomorrow

The formulation of development plan needs to produce new dynamic alternative in responding the current organizational systems and structures to be implemented as we foresee what we want for tomorrow.

It has to respond with the environmental scanning on the point of inquiries relating to“ Where are we today?” and “ Where do we want to go”. These are the basis to formulate the contents of the development plan as new policies, programs and project are implemented. It has to respond the efficiency, effectiveness and economy in management of organizational resources to produce as sustained growth.


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    • savior profile image

      Christopher Fuster Bueno,Ph.D. 6 years ago from Graduate School, University of Northern Philippines, UNESCO Heritage City of Vigan

      Thanks Charmike ! Yes,it is true the strategic intent of the business as to the desired organizational goals to achieve competitive advantage in the desired products.In Strategic Management, this is aligned to the commercial and business planning through the STRATEGIC PLANNING as the best management tool to engage the market competition and the changing-unpredictable business environment.

    • charmike4 profile image

      Michael Kromwyk 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      I think the key here is understanding the strategic intent of the business and ensuring that your business development plan is aligned to the strategic intent of the business, savior. If you want to sell to direct to the public you would steer clear of any commercial or B2B development plans. So it all links back to what the organisation is trying to achieve and what market should that brand be in. Thanks for the though provoking hub. Cheers Michael