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Updated on June 7, 2012

Group Texting

Communicate quickly & efficiently with group text. All parties are eligible for group text. Give information to your whole group with a mat text. Whether you have a business, school group or football team, communicate quickly & efficiently with group text. Simply upload contacts, type a message and it is transmitted to your text group. Put a meeting together from anywhere with this efficient technology.

Group text makes sending messages convenient, with a one step action. Sending the same message to a large group of people in a timely fashion is easy with a group messaging system. This is an excellent way to give everyone the same instructions. Writing or saying things over and over can change, but with group text information stays the same.

Communicate quickly & efficiently with group text in schools and municipalities. Reach the people you need to with a single text message. Group text allows you to choose your method of sending messages, by way of phone or computer and you are able to add contacts, making all members of your group eligible for the group text communication.

Calling a meeting with your church group or sales staff is a lot easier with group text. This communication system is reliable and quick, spreading the word in seconds; simply type in your message and click. This quick communications system can also place your message on social media sites to even further your ability to reach your group, with secure efficient action. Use technology to its fullest potential when you need to reach your constituents on a massive scale.

Communicate quickly & efficiently with group text. As with other media devices you are able to erase messages, find out if your messages have reached your recipients and delete or edit messages. News alerts in the past were posted on television and radio but with the massive use of cell phones and computers this gives additional methods of reaching people on a mass scale. In an emergency group messaging can reach people not close to a television or radio.

There are many reasons group text may come in handy; a change in meeting places, an accident or a cancelation. The ability to notify people on a mass scale makes the ability to communicate quickly through group text messaging a major asset. Technology is changing and group text is one of the fastest methods of reaching your target group, with a message you want to send. This is done in minutes, without consulting others.


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